Every man needs a woman like this on his team....

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Son, she threw a table. Carried that bitch like it wasn't shit.

swatted one chair thrown at her like it wasn't shit and CAUGHT THE OTHER MOTHERFUCKING CHAIR WITH ONE HAND! Got dayum!!!

But here we were as young adults —news junkies, hip-hop heads, smart-asses and autodidacts who grew up in the hood — suddenly smack dab in the middle class, wielding much of the same privilege we’d always criticized. Because of our backgrounds, we were keenly skeptical of the politics of respectability, and surrounded by and socializing with self-congratulating Negroes who patted each other on the back because they were about something and self-congratulating white folks who patted themselves on the back because they had black friends. (But damn it if we didn’t love the sushi!)

So where did we fit in?

We agreed that labels were silly and reductive. So, of course, we created one.

“We’re post-bourgie,” she said.
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