Goons Try To ASSASSINATE Rapper French Montana . . . SHOT UP With MACHINE GUNS . . . ONE DEAD!!!

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French Montana was reportedly signing autographs on Feb. 28 for fans outside his tour bus, when a car pulled up and someone started shooting with machine guns. French was able to escape but two fans were shot, leaving one man dead.

French Montana‘s concert on Feb. 28 took a turn for the worst. The rapper was performing in Philadelphia at the Theatre of Living Arts, and after the show a “small crowd formed” around French’s tour bus. But then a car drove up and shots were fired — how scary and sad!
What Happened In The Shooting

Reports claim that a “suspicious” car drove by French’s tour bus, where he was standing outside with his security. That’s when machine guns started firing shots and two fans were shot. One fan was a 27-year-old man, and he was shot in the stomach. He ended up dying, while another fan was shot in the shoulder, but is in stable condition.

The report goes on to say that someone from French’s entourage got their own gun and fired back. Police believe that French and his buddies were not the target of the shooting.

French is so lucky that he wasn’t hurt but isn’t it just terribly scary that fans can’t go to a concert without fear of getting shot?

This leads to a major question, should fans be even allowed to go back by the tour bus? It appears that this shooting happened very late at night and maybe if the fans hadn’t been back there hanging out with French, this wouldn’t have happened. But then again, how can you control these types of horrific tragedies.


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    Two men are shot overnight after seeing a concert in Philadelphia. Now one of them is dead, and police are looking for his killer.

    Gunshots rang out on the 100 block of North Columbus Boulevard just before midnight.

    Police say a crowd of people followed rapper French Montana's tour bus to a local hotel Thursday night.

    The rapper, his band and members of the entourage were onboard the bus. They had just pulled up in front of the Holiday Inn Express following a packed concert at the TLA on South Street.

    Car loads of fans had followed them, and more fans were waiting for them outside to arrive.

    According to police, the driver was getting off the bus to make arrangements for hotel rooms for everyone, and that is when a car drove by and just opened fire into the crowd.

    Police tape now marks off where the two men were shot. The 27-year-old who was killed was shot in the stomach.

    A 29-year-old man was shot in the shoulder and is hospitalized in stable condition. We're told he's expected to be OK.

    Police say that victim either drove himself or was driven to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and the car he was in was found on the 200 block of South 10th Street. Police say it has several bullet holes, so investigators are holding this car for evidence.

    Three people are in custody. However, police aren't saying if any of them is the shooter.

    "We did find seven spent shell casings, which indicates that at least seven shots were fired from a semiautomatic handgun," Chief Inspector Scott Smalls said. "Now, we don't know if that's from the shooter, who actually killed and injured those two people, or it was from – some information we're getting, there was a possibility somebody from the bus or from the crowd returned fire. Like I said, we have three people in custody who all had weapons on them. So, it's complicated at this point. Everything is very preliminary, and we're questioning everybody. We're holding the scene. So, we're going to find out what occurred and get to the truth."

    Among those being questioned was French Montana. Cameras showed him inside the Holiday Inn Express, where he was questioned by police following the shooting.

    We understand that fellow rapper Meek Mill was on the bus with French Montana when the shooting occurred. French Montana tweeted a picture of himself and Meek Mill and complained on Twitter, saying, "Nobody has time for this ----."

    Investigators are talking to 25 or more people, including witnesses, members of the ban, members of the entourage and fans, trying to piece this all together.

    FOX 29's Dawn Timmeney has more details during this live report Friday morning, and we'll bring you more information as it comes in this morning more throughout "Good Day."
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    damn same thing happened here in Toronto couple year back . french and his crew came out of the guv and shots were let off. seems a lot of people want him dead
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    Rapper's should stop signing autographs outside. fuck it.
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    twatgetta wrote: »
    French Montana should stop signing autographs outside. fuck it.

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    He is also apart of knows
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    dayum...gotta be a back story to this
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    MMG stay takin Ls .
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    Ricky.G wrote: »
    MMG stay takin Ls .

    but french aint mmg tho
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    Thousands of years ago in the future... rappers couldn't book venues for concerts due to retarded insurance rates. Welcome back to 1991.

    I agree. Cointelpro hard at work. not always thugs doing the dumbshit.

    What a fucking anybody of worth cares if French Montana breathes or not.
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    Im glad i dont live in america, too many crazy gun happy fucks over there.
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