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OJs son killed Nicole

mc317mc317 Chief Of Goddamn StationDark Side of The MoonPosts: 5,527 ✭✭✭✭✭
An explosive theory regarding Jason Simpson appeared on the blog "Above Top Secret," titled: 'Was O.J. The Wrong Suspect?' Excerpts below:
When Jason was younger, he wrote a paper in which he was a murderer.
Jason has spent time in mental institutions and was even spotted threatening to kill his girlfriend with a knife, on more than one occasion. Jason was diagnosed with Jykell and Hyde Syndrome. He was on drugs, that would cause aggression, depression and other central nervous system affects. Jason was even arrested for assault on a few occasions.
On The night of the murders it has been documented that Jason was preparing a meal for the family, a very special meal, since he worked at a restaurant. The special occasion was his half sisters recital, the one that was stated pushed OJ over the edge to kill.
Nicole Brown was reported to have made a phone call to Jason stating that she would not eat with his dad and that she would rather be at Ron Goldman's restaurant. It is even reported that after Jason hung up the phone he was extremely angry and was highly disappointed that she would choose Goldman over him. Jason had a bag of special cooking knives that he carried everywhere (from and to work). After the murders of Nicole and Goldman the murder weapon has yet to be found and most odd of all, jason never returned to work....
The big point here was that OJ was called the evening of the murders. It was a brief phone call and possibly made by Jason in a frantic cry for help.
Forensic Expert Dr. Lee stated specifically:
"They went for the wrong Simpson."
More evidence:
1. As an adolescent, Jason performed poorly in school and demonstrated many antisocial behaviors.
2. Considered a "problem child" at an early age. Documented in articles of interviews given by OJ.
3. Jason overdosed on drugs and alcohol at age 14 and was rushed to hospital.
4. Jason reportedly had difficulty communicating with his mother and at an early age and moved in OJ and Nicole because Marguerite could not control him.
5. As a teenager Jason flew into a fit of rage and attacked a statue of his father with a baseball bat.
6. Jason stole his father's car and was turned in by Nicole.
7. Ronald Shipp stated Jason began being physically abused by his father at a young age.
8. Ronald Shipp described him as having psychological problems, along with abusing drugs and alcohol.
9. Jason was treated at the UCLA Neuropsychiatry Institute for a mental condition, later being diagnosed as "Intermittent Rage Disorder" accompanied by seizures.
10. Jason dropped out or flunked out of USC.
11. According to Shipp, Jason had possibly stalked Nicole Simpson while she lived at Gretna Green.
12. According to Shipp, Jason and Nicole would go out dancing and partying together.
13. On more than one occasion Jason left or was fired from his job as a prep chef. Indications were he was unable to get along with people of authority.
14. Jason attempted suicide by stabbing himself with a pair of scissors.
15. Jason, in a fit of rage, assaulted his girlfriend Jackie where he nearly broke her back by throwing her into an empty bathtub.
16. Jason attacked his girlfriend Jackie with a chef's knife and cuts off her hair.
17. Jason attempted suicide by cutting his wrists with a shard of broken glass.
Source: Above Top Secret.com
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