THE BLADE RUNNERS (Ultimate Warrior & Sting)

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One of the most Iconic tag teams of all times that they are talked about on Mythical levels who are on many people Top 50 Greatest tag teams of all times even though they never won a title and only wrestled together for One whole year, who went to become icons and the most popular wrestlers in the late 80's and early 90's who BECAME THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR & STING.......The tag team that was known as THE BLADE RUNNERS.......


Tag Team

Hellwig and Borden started a 2-person team in 1985 after PUSA disbanded, retaining the Flash/Justice monikers.

The Freedom Fighters

They later adopted the "Freedom Fighters" name while retaining the Flash/Justice names in Memphis' Continental Wrestling Association under manager Dutch Mantel. As the bodybuilders lacked thorough training, the team was raw and brutal, easily hurting opponents with their stiff maneuvers which led to their stay in Memphis being a short one.

Freedom Fighters Promo (Ultimate Warrior & Sting)

^^^^^^WARRIOR was FUCKIN HUGE, at least 300 lbs of muscle


Bladerunners UWF Debut

The team began working for Bill Watts' Mid-South Wrestling (renamed the "Universal Wrestling Federation" shortly after) in early 1986. In Mid-South, they became known as The Blade Runners (Hellwig was called "Blade Runner Rock" and Borden became "Blade Runner Sting"). The Blade Runners were managed by "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and as part of "Hot Stuff International, Inc." the team feuded with Ted DiBiase and Steven James Williams.

The birth of the Blade Runners was the pivotal moment where Sting assumed his well-known name that persists today. Rock would later transition into various "warrior" motifs.

Bladerunners 6 Man Tag Match


Less than 6 months after arriving in Mid-South, Hellwig and Borden split up with Hellwig moving on to World Class Championship Wrestling, where he became known The Dingo Warrior, laying the foundation for his famous 'Ultimate Warrior gimmick in the WWF, and later in WCW. Ultimately he even changed his name to Warrior, and most recently wrestled under it in Barcelona, Spain.

Sting remained in Mid-South and under the tutelage of Eddie Gilbert for a while before turning face. He would later move on to WCW and then TNA.

Bladerunners vs Ted DiBiase and Dr Death


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