Signs To Stay Away From Females

s_a_m_r_i_os_a_m_r_i_o Posts: 2,089 ✭✭✭✭✭
We all bash females about how they knew certain men weren't good from the start. As for men, what are signs a female displays from the beginning directly that you knew, still ignored because you just only wanted to fuck but the bitch is making your life a living hell, you got your feelings hurt, etc?

In Wale's Bad song, it's good to mess around with a chick like Tiara Thomas a few times because her lyrics are telling you, she just only want to fuck with no feelings attached because she never had a decent man and had mental issues but no, you dudes probably wants to be the man that changes her life or wants to save her. You smash a female couple of times, you sprung but she doesn't call you any more or say she isn't feeling you. That's not always a bad thing but ya'll could take it that way.


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