delete this shit. lames gotta litter a good thread with hate.

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me? a couple years ago me n my guy is downtown jumpin bars n shit.. and at this point.. im a little intoxicated.

this girl dancing on this table twerkin n shit.. its like in a booth and she on the table and the alcohol made me palm her booty.. i had nothing to do with it. it was the alcohol. she turned around n cussed me n my guy out.. but she was mainly cussin my guy out lol he tried tellin her im drunk but she wasnt tryna hear it. bouncers ended up escorting us out.

she shouldnt have been acting like a slut then she wouldnt have been treated like 1.

after that, everybody started callin me the booty slapper lol.

at the time, it was nothing. now i look back in shame smh.
its....JOHN BBelovedAfeniDarthRozayAZTGTHIRDSUPREMEunspoken_respect


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