World Star Knock Out Compilation

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This a compilation of some one punch KO's from World Star, these are the ones that I think are the GOAT from this particular clip:

:49, Dude tries to run up and gets dropped.

The very next clip, dude fights like a girl and ends up KO'ed. Potna walks away with Banesque swagger.

3:01, Just a good solid knock out punch. Even though the camera is a little bit of distance away, you can tell dude was out on contact.

5:15, LOL. Not only does dude get KO'ed, but on the way down, he hits his head HELLA HARD on that metal support pole. Can we say "Ouch?"

6:45, Dude gets slammed and supflexed hella times.

@ 9:49 notice the wig in the background.

@ 13:10 Big tittie bitch with a big ass loogie on her eye.

14:27, Big ole oxen type bitch whoopin' ass and slangin' hoes. Tilt your laptop or monitor to the side to few properly.

1:52, the absolute best clip on this compilation. The lil nigga was dishing out KO's like condoms at the clinic. His potna really didn't need to jump in, but I guess he wanted to contribute to the effort so the lil' man wouldn't be talm 'bout, "Why didn't you help?"


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