Daz Dillinger Says Lil’ Wayne’s Camp Is Lying About Him Being OK

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Daz Dillinger adds his two cents on the controversy Lil Wayne medical condition situation.

TMZ broke the story after being tipped off by a staff member at Cedar Sinai Hospital yesterday. Hours after Lil Wayne was admitted, the entertainment website posted that he was in an induced coma after suffering from violent seizures and that his family and friends were gathering at the hospital to say their last goodbyes. After being blasted in a series of tweets from Mack Maine, Toya Wright and T.I, TMZ removed the part of the story that stated that Lil Wayne’s family was being given his last rites, however, they have pretty much stuck by the rest of their story.

As of this morning, although there are reports that he is still in ICU and stabilizing, Lil Wayne’s condition is still very much unknown. Last night, celebs like Drake, Chris Paul and his wife Jada were spotted looking somber as they arrived to the hospital a little before visiting hours ended at midnight according to NecoleBitchie.

Some people are saying this is all happening due to his album dropping next week, but it seems to be official.

Two years ago when I was in a coma they thought I wasn’t going to make it and called in my family to see me for the last time. The doctor told my family if I wake I wasn’t going to be the same, I could have memory loss, etc. etc. The doc said I only made it cause I was in shape and healthy. So I know first hand what’s going on with Lil Wayne.




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