Cursing in front of your parents: Yay or Nay...

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I'm sorry. I could care less if I'm grown azzz man, that's just something I can't do. Lol! Outta respect for my dad. I've never heard my dad curse EVER! Now my mama, oh yes. Not too vulgar tho. But I know if she was still alive, I wouldn't curse in front of her as well. She'd probably slap my lip off despite me being grown.

But this topic intrigues me when I see other folks curse in front of their parents like its nothing. I mean I know we're all grown, but there's still that part of me where I was raised not to disrespect my parents. What are y'all thoughts about this?

Who all curses in front of their parents? What kinda reaction do you get, if any? And would have a problem with your kids cursing in front of you when they get grown?


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    I don't cuss anymore. Even when I did cuss the only time I would say a cuss word in front of them was if I was repeating something someone else said.
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    Unacceptable. Grown as I am, I would expect a reflex backhand from my mother if I cursed bad word in front of her..
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    I think its all in context, my parents dont mind it aslong as its not directed at anyone, or if its in joke form... Although last month i was drunk after a wedding (LONG day of drinking), my mother saying how she didnt like some dude. i just remember shouting "yeah... you know why... cause he's a cunt!!"

    Part of my soul died that day...
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    Nay. I don't do it.
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    Nay, doesn't feel right.
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    Nope. Just thought about it - I might curse a lot less than around my peers, but it does happen.

    Fuck it, I'm grown. I try not to though, out of respect.
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    Nope! Well not my mom anyway. My dad & my uncles always taught me that u could say what u want amongst men (them) & they would let me curse around them b/c they figured that I already did anyway. But they also taught me not to curse around my mom, aunts, & female cousins. Really just women in general & for the most part I still carry that w/ me.
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    Nothing too vulgar & I usually excuse myself before I say it.

    Its always in context and never toward someone.
    this, but not just toward my moms but everyone

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    Not on some casual everyday talk, I don't even do that with my friends. But if the situation calls for it I'll curse in front of them but never towards anyone.
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    Nope normally my lil girls are around. But naw. Now my mama know i will let a few fly watching the falcons
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    Nothing sever just shit/fuck if we're watching sports I might say that's some fuck shit or call somebody a hoe ass dyke if I don't like something they done

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    I normally don't do it, but I spazzed the hell out in front of my day a few months ago while we were working on the house. We had rented some equipment and was about to take it back before they closed and when we called, they said that they were already closed, even though they didn't close for another 10 minutes and we were literally right around the corner from the store smh. I was tired and ready to be done and I just started going hard. I just walked off cussing at everything for a like 3 minutes. After a while, I looked back at my dad and he was like...


    All he did was laugh at me because he had never heard me talk like that before, and I'm 26 lol
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    if they still cuss in front of u then why not?

    we're both grown, as long as u don't cuss at them
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    Sorry to hear your moms isn't here anymore darkone.

    But yea I don't curse in front of my parents, if I'm around my boys and my mother calls I excuse myself or tell em to stop cursing around me.

    If I had a kid I'd expect the same or meet that lil bastards face with a Pete sampras over hand if it's a problem.
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    They curse in front of me
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    I dont cuss in front of my parents... I just started cussing in convos with my siblings...
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    yea i do and then my mom always has to remind that she is my mom 1st, friend 2nd because i certainly be saying the wildest shit around her
  • blackrainblackrain Posts: 25,004 Regulator
    Yeah I do...have done so for years and it's always shocked the hell out of people and I never could understand why someone would think just because I can say "Fuck" in front of my father I somehow don't respect him as much
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