Cursing in front of your parents: Yay or Nay...

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I'm sorry. I could care less if I'm grown azzz man, that's just something I can't do. Lol! Outta respect for my dad. I've never heard my dad curse EVER! Now my mama, oh yes. Not too vulgar tho. But I know if she was still alive, I wouldn't curse in front of her as well. She'd probably slap my lip off despite me being grown.

But this topic intrigues me when I see other folks curse in front of their parents like its nothing. I mean I know we're all grown, but there's still that part of me where I was raised not to disrespect my parents. What are y'all thoughts about this?

Who all curses in front of their parents? What kinda reaction do you get, if any? And would have a problem with your kids cursing in front of you when they get grown?


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