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Bash Or Crash.....Lechic Edition

skpjr78skpjr78 Posts: 7,195 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited March 2013 in AKA Donkey
Of all the wide body, stretched out, grizzly looking whalephants that have posted on the IC @lechic is the worse. The average Lane Bryant shopping ass bitch knows that its best to be seen and not heard even though in @lechic's case its basically impossible for that blimposaurous not to be seen. So the question is for all the crisco drinking, lard sandwhich eating, bacon flavored ice cream licking 2 tons of fun ass bitches out chea which one of you thirsty, no fucks given, fresh out of prison, desperate ass niggas would risk your pelvis and fuck @lechic?


Bash Or Crash.....Lechic Edition 33 votes

CP203Got Em Shookmryounggununspoken_respectMichael_MaliceCainHarlemThumzUptexasdaking88StoneColdMikeyJDSTAYWITITMaximus RexBilly_PonchoI.B. BlackmanSour-CreamLou_CypherpurpngoldCashmoneyDux_JayMrSoutCityTHIRDSUPREME 27 votes
DOC H0LL!DAY 1 vote
R.D.monolithic 2 votes
It Dont Matter All Them Hoes
gnsVulcanRavenbignorm 3 votes
BoldChildPurrGold_CertificateAjackson17StillFaggyAFblackjack2012John_BlaziniJ. WillMaximus RexTHIRDSUPREMEnj2089JusDre313K_Fisher


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