What killed the IC?

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The forums have been a ghost town lately hell Donkey is a ghost town GnS is starting to slow down as of late. Does anybody have an answer to why the forums are on respirator status?
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    When you aggressively moderate a forum u will always lose followers.

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    Matt- wrote: »
    its a holiday weekend and johnny green probably has alot of part time posters too shook to post

    Its funny that posters are to shook to post now when the forums are securer than ever. When this place was Iraq you had more posters lol.
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    Spring Break, Easter and shit.

    People are busy doing shit outside. I know we are. We go for walks, hit up the park, fly kites, ride bikes etc... The weather is too beautiful to pass up.

    Gonna hit up the bike trail today.
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    Excuse me?

    As if Aquafina wasn't the one that started the huge deal with family being posted.

    Bumping them big ass teeth and don't even know the story...good day.
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    Its was the holiday weekend
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    also Androgynous posters like androgynous one and covet are responded to...

    Niggas even get on TC with those niggas
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    ChiCity wrote: »
    @Most, list one notable thing you did for Donkey
    Don't worry, I'll wait................

    lol @ a sideline/cheerleading nigga crying about what ruined the game
    lechic wrote: »
    1of1 wrote: »
    Donkey welcomed the likes of @Cain1 and @Chicity. Old sensitive man and simp.

    You niggas are allowed to feel safe there. You 2 are Powder Room posters.

    @MzGrahamBitches with the crying undet the Kat account...the banning of people posting pics of family members I'm Donkey (or any pics of other posters that weren't ok'd) started happening.

    @lechic did some crying in the past and had threads deleted.

    All that lead to Donkey no longer being entertaining in a malicious sense. The warning is on the forum label. If it's still there it's false.

    In GnS
    People respond to troll threads from posters who are obvious internet trolls like Little JJ and "Sex Jiggy instead of more GnS topics.

    Mods are slow

    oh shut the fuck up.

    What have you done to make this forum remotely entertaining? I'll wait.

    nigga?!!?!? why you stealing my post!?
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    Just my thoughts. That nigga asked.
  • CainCain The audacity of you fuck niggas Cyttorax DimensionPosts: 42,363 Regulator
    Its was the holiday weekend

    It's been on the decline before that. Hell even the Reason might have 20 posters tops on most days

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    1of1 wrote: »
    Just my thoughts. That nigga asked.

    No one gives a fuck about your thoughts if you have not contributed to this forum to make it entertaining.
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    the thirst.....the undeniable thirst....
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    You're the dead ones.
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