If You're Over 16 and Don't Know How To Tie A Necktie, You're Losing in Life

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I blame this on the acceptance of single motherhood and this is one of the results of niggas not having a daddy, they don't know how to do simple shit, like tie a necktie. It's gotten to point now where niggas in their forties, don't know how to do the shit. If you plan on going to some interviews, in college and plan on going to some networking functions, stay in-and-out of court, or just want to step your game up, take thirty minutes out of life and learn how to tie a neck tie.


Double Windsor Knot (knot without a dimple)

Half Windsor Knot

Also, every man over the age of 16 needs two suits in his closet, a blue one for (interviews,) and a black one (for funerals (we need to get away from "R.I.P." white tees with faces the deceased airbrushed on them.

Tips on making sure your suits, slacks, and blazers fit.
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