DE LA SOUL "De La Soul - Get Away (feat. The Spirit Of The Wu)" from upcoming album!!!!

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Real emceeing right here, DE LA is back with another banger from upcoming album, De la is again using complex intricate rhymes & letting these new emcee's know to step up their pen game.

Hip-hop that we from that 88-95 era know to love, aging with hip-hop is a beautiful thing (a thread is coming from me on that subject, so dont bite)

De La Soul - Get Away (feat. The Spirit Of The Wu)

De La Soul drop their new single “Get Away” – a track that channels the aesthetic of fellow NYC legends the Wu-Tang Clan. The single featuring The Spirit Of The Wu is the first new joint from the group since 2004′s Grind Date. The lead-off track throws back to the golden era with a dope sample of an iconic group and sound that very accurately embodies the feel of that time period. De La’s Posdnuos gave Rolling Stone a bit of insight on how the track developed.

“I’ve always loved the ‘Intro’ on Disc Two of Wu-Tang Forever – this eerie sample with no beat, that they only talked over,” De La Soul’s Posdnuos tells Rolling Stone. “I stumbled on the original sample while crate digging one day, took it straight to the lab and added drums. The feel is definitely gritty, hard and sounds like a Wu record, so out of inspirational respect, we included featuring ‘The Spirit of the Wu’ in the song title.”

De La bombs the haunting instrumental with a barrage of verses that reasserts their dominance as MCs and decries rap records that fail to stand the test of time. Perennial purveyors of that real hip-hop, De La does it again. Keep an ear out for their forthcoming LP You’re Welcome, due this fall.
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    Cool drop yo!!
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    Nice. Saw De La Soul live once. awesome show.
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    Next week De La Soul will independently issue their first song and video in nine years, "Get Away (feat. the spirit of Wu-Tang)," in the first of the hip-hop group's planned series of monthly single releases, through YouTube and social media. De La Soul will join LL Cool J, Public Enemy and Ice Cube next month for this summer's national Kings of the Mic tour.

    "I think it's a great record to reintroduce ourselves with," Maseo, the group's DJ, told Rolling Stone in an interview from Los Angeles before a show Wednesday. "It's pretty much reflecting on the state of hip-hop at this moment. Everything is redundant. Everything sounds the same. No real lyrical content. Everybody's just doing business, not really creating."

    "Get Away," De La Soul's first single in the era of Facebook, Twitter and iTunes, marks 25 years since the trio formed in Long Island. In March they shot a video for the song, which samples a skit from the Wu-Tang Clan's 1997 Wu-Tang Forever. Other than the occasional collaboration – their song with Gorillaz, "Feel Good Inc.," won a Grammy – De La Soul have favored touring over recording since 2004's The Grind Date.

    "I think putting out those singles would be more impressionable than dropping an album at this present day in music," Maseo explained, adding that the group will eventually release a long-in-the-works album, You're Welcome. "It's about trying to just creatively have a bunch of songs in the stable. You have to consider a lot from the administrative standpoint in the release of a project. I see the song that we're putting out being the perfect B-side – with a video this time."

    Though Maseo says he expects singles will take precedent over albums, the group has discussed experimenting with making soundtrack-style records in the vein of Isaac Hayes' Shaft and Marvin Gaye's Trouble Man.

    "It's long overdue. Trust me, man, it disgusts me how long it takes for us to make a record," Maseo said with a laugh. "Out of all the time we take, we are always happy with the finished product."
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    nice. i just dont want my guys to get a stigma for being bitter old men

    song has the same mssg as stakes is high

    Stakes is High the single was a well deserved slap to the face to hip-hop, a straight reality check..........

    i think they came correct on this song, being elders in hip-hop....people need to step their shit up.....

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    Damn, it's been almost 10 years since Grind Date. Can't wait for mew release.
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    25 years in the game
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    yes yes ya'll...
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    eehh im not feeling it they didnt do it any justice the sample should of been alone.........
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    This joint is nice. Well executed.
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    One love to De La Soul for staying true.........

    Evel Knievel hot wheels jumping like Duke boys......

    Posdnous, Mase and Trugoy.....

    Plug one in your neck and plug two in your chest.....

    Turn around and plug three in your rest........


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