French Montana Isn't Worried About Being A Great Lyricist!

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If you were questioning French Montana’s lyricism, you’ve been wasting your time.

During a recent interview, French Montana explained why he is not concerned about being a lyricist and admitted that he isn't the best out there, "It's not a secret. I just make music. I love the feeling."

The rapper also touched on why he feels he is keeping it real by taking this path, saying "I wake up feeling f----d up, I'll make a f----d up song. I will go through one thing that somebody else will go through and just be like, yo, my fans will grow to love me, 'He's going through what I'm going through.' I feel like that's how you get the core audience."

"That's why I feel like my s--- is the best because it's my life. I'm not perpetrating, I'm not saying shit to sound good, I found a way to make my life and my music and people love it."
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