All you niggas look the same

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When you have a harder time recognizing or distinguishing between members of racial ethnic groups other than your own, what's at work is known as the "cross-race effect."

One cross-race effect theory on racial mix-ups is what's called the "experience-based" hypothesis: We find it easier to recognize and distinguish and remember faces of our "racial in-group" than we do "racial out-groups" simply because we see the in-group features more.

Then there's the related "coding" or "categorization" hypothesis: When we see a member of another race, our minds pay more attention to what makes the person an out-group member than to his or her individual features. We lose some of the distinguishing details in the process.,1&wpisrc=root_more_news

All you niggas look the same 25 votes

All Asians look alike
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All Eurpoeans look alike
SixSickSins 1 vote
All Africans look alike
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Its all in your head
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