If the Illuminati Is a Secret Society That Controls the World.....

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then why do random muthafuckas seem to know in detail the Illuminati's evil machinations at world domination and it's membership? Seriously, if everyday niggas know what they're up too, then how effective can these muthafuckas truly be? Also, what's the prupose of having Hov, Ye, and especially Birdman in league with the world's powerbrokers? Yeah these are rich niggas, but when compared to the level of these cats, they're back in their project nigga status.

It's rather to silly to believe in concept as far fetched in the Illiminati, shit is analogus to believing in Santa Claus. Muslims can't agree upon who the rightful heir to the prophet Muhammed is. Muthafuckas can't agree what the most effective form of is. Dems and Republicans can come to some consenus to pass legislation and govenr more effectively. People can't agree to who and what God is, but then we're suppose to believe that is elite cabal of Jews, white men, A-Rabs, and others come suddenly come to a decision on how to six billion people that are dispersed over 197 countries.
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