pornstar draft 2013

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ok I've done this thread before ( it was my 1st plat thread I ever did) but in the wake of the 2013 nfl draft im bringing back the pornstar draft.. this is how it goes

you get 2 pick up to 8 players and they have to me this criteria...

u need 1 " star player"

1 " rookie" ( been in the game 3 years or less or under the age of 23)

1 " vet"

u need 2 " supporting cast players"

and up 3 stars on the bench (optional but depending on how well this thread goes its good to have a bench 4 trades and things)

rules are if a person picks a pornstar obviously they are gone and the only way u can pick that star up is if the person who has them trades with u..

and if this goes well and there are enough people drafting we can have a poll and get a tournament goin on who has the best overall "team"

my team is...

star player nyomi bankxxx


my rookie is

Bethany benz


my vet is roxy Reynolds


supporting cast will be

misty stone

catalina taylor


bench is...

evanni solei


Erika Vuitton


and aliana love

Sage WonderSleepwalkingInJapansouth4lifejazz93AggyAFCJ


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