Ladies, Why did Y'all Koreans to Takeover the Black Hair Industry?

Maximus RexMaximus Rex Demmented, deranged, and diabolicalThe EmpreyanPosts: 3,711 ✭✭✭✭✭
I go in on black women about a lot of shit, but this shit in absolutely inexcusable. How, when, and where did black women not only allow another ethnicity to take over an industry for products that are specifically meant for us, (especially black women,) and say that their not going to allow us into the industry, Y'ALL STAY DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM! I know that a black woman's desire to have long and lush hair like other ethnicities goes to the core of their being and define them as women, but at what cost. Does having a weave or a perm mean more to you than your self respect and dignity? I'm guilty of having a penchant for chicks with long straight hair, however, I've come to realize that shit you ladies use to get long straight hair isn't, nor was it ever meant for us. Also, after continued and extended use, the shit does irreparable damage to your hair and scalp. Not only that those racist Korean laugh at you for spending your hard earned dollars with them, after they've just straight up clowned you.


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