Texas health and sex education teacher arrested for smashing two of her students (With Picture)

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A teacher from Texas has been arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with two students. Marlena Mints, who is 31, taught heath and sex education classes at Bessie Coleman Middle School in Cedar Hill near Dallas. The school found out about the inappropriate behaviour after an eighth grader was reportedly bragging about his sexual relationship with Ms. Mints. She has been charged with one count of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child and two counts of Improper Relationship With Students.

The school district placed Mints on administrative leave and contacted the police last week after learning of her alleged inappropriate conduct with one of her students. She is now held up in Dallas County Jail. According to the police documents, Mints exchanged text messages with a 13 year old about a problem he told her he was having with his penis. Mints told him she would 'need to see it' and asked him to meet her at school to show it to her.

The student told investigators he thought it would be okay because she was his sex education and health teacher. He says when he exposed himself to her, she performed oral sex on him. The student referred to Mints as a 'cougar' who 'likes younger men' and claimed that as one of her 'favorite students,' he was allowed to touch her breasts and buttocks while spending time in her classroom.

Other students were apparently allowed to do the same. Whilst police were looking into the allegations, the name of a second high school student was mentioned. The second victim also exchanged messages with Mint in which she asked if he wanted to 'hang out' and if he liked 'white girls.' According to the arrest warrant, Mints picked up him and drove him to her home where she also performed oral sex on him.

His phone also contained the messages the two had exchanged between one another. The school has confirmed that 31-year-old had Mints had passed all background checks before being hired and had no previous incidents. Parents have since received letters notifying them about the alleged 'inappropriate conduct of a teacher'. 'For the last five years, I have been teaching Health,' Mints wrote on her page at the Bessie Coleman website. 'I love teaching Health because the information is applicable to everyday life.'

Maggie Roberts whose niece goes to the school told CBS 11 that she was disappointed and surprised: 'That’s not who I was expecting. She’s a great teacher. Always friendly, smiling, willing to help.' Eighth grader Lidia Vizueta described Mints as a coach who encouraged her students and often made them laugh. 'It makes me feel sad a little ‘cause she was a really great coach,' she said.
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