Due to Band Class Being Taken Out of the Public Schools, the Result is Inferior Music, Yea or Nay?

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I'm telling me age a little bit, but I remember band class in elementary, junior high and high school. It was here that a lot of people (who otherwise wouldn't have gotten the chance were exposed to music and learned how to read music and learn how to play an instrument. However, do to budget cuts, band class was eliminated from a lot of the public schools and now were seeing the results. Niggas don't know how to make music. When you had band class, (I never took band, but I'm assuming that you learn something about classical music, possibly jazz, and pop standards, so you would have a frame of reference as far as arrangements and composition. Producers would take this knowledge and using in their music making regardless of the genre. Now (since band for the most part has been taken out of the public schools, niggas frame of reference is the last hot producer, now with the fruity loops shit, muthafuckas don't even have to know how to play a keyboard or program a beat machine. What do you say? Has taking band out of the public schools fucked the over all quality of music?
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