Funniest/Dumbest Things Said In the Cheap Seats Vol.1

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Dis thread will be displaying some of da most idiotic nd hilarious quotes whether it be outrageous statements, of feelings filled rants from each nd every Cheap Seats poster each nd every thing will be posted in here. Now lemme start these festivities
EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
Sigh.. Our season is in shambles... My team is cursed.. MSG must have been built on top of an old Indian burial ground.. *sigh*
BlackAX410 wrote: »
i pay $189 of my hard earned money for NBA League pass cuz i was estatic to see our "bolstered" roster compete for a high seed in da East u kno actually contend. dis is how u mawfuckas repay me? teasin me wit great play for 2 quarters then being halfway there like a parapelegic nd just shuttin down da ova half? U FUCK ASS NIGGAZ WAS TALKIN ALL DAT NOISE TALMBOUT U DONT NEED RAY ALLEN but u got reluctant shooters nd horrific floor spacing. Rondo wants to be a leader nd alpha male HEY MUTHAFUCKA u dont need to dribble da air outta da ball for 18 seconds waitin for niggaz to run off screens. STOP runnin da predictable play "elbow" almost every time down da fuckin court Pierce in da iso aint as effective as it was in 08 stop trynna force oops to a 36 year old KG stop makin idiotic passes in traffic instead of shootin layups u hot doggin mawfucka. Pierce needs to have a seat he's been inefficient as fuck lately. we got out hustled nd outmuscled to let mawfuckas come back from 27 fuckin points wit a leadin scorer of 17ppg Doc betta diagnose sumthin quick or im lettin da choppa bark on these bum mawfuckas im not even sure we can beat da bobcats rite now fuck dis fuckin fuck shit i need a blunt

feel free to add on im high as fuck i need somebody to help me out lls


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