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So Janet Jackson is a Billionaire now.............

rapmastermindrapmastermind Entertainment/Pop Culture/Media AnalystNew York CityPosts: 5,574 ✭✭✭✭✭


(Janet is the youngest Jackson and after 40 years of Singing, Dancing, Acting, Writing and Producing. Janet Jackson moves up to the Billionaire Club)

"According to E! News, the multi-talented performer reportedly earned $458 million from her concert tours; $304 million from her roles in films including, "The Nutty Professor" and "For Colored Girls"; $260 million in album sales; and netted more than $81 million from sponsorship deals."


LOL, Even though they tried to end her career after the Super Bowl drama, she still rose from those ashes and is on top something heavy. I think people forget that Janet had the highest record contract at the time 20 years ago. She's toured around the world. Her movies made more then their budget and she got a lot of back end money from that. Not to mention she just married a her Billionaire Boyfriend.

Janet just shut a lot of haters up with this announcement. She's one of the greatest artist of all time. She has about 4 Classic albums and tons of Legendary Songs. She has over 35 #1 songs on various charts. She's the only artist nominated for a Grammy in the RnB, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Dance categories which shows her versatility. Janet also influenced a ton of artist including Britney and Beyonce. She's an iconic Legend but now she worth over a Billi? Damn Janet you are in Control, lol.
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