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    Nightwing had StarFire Sprung B
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    I always wondered if Starfire could carry Nightwing seed.. she is an Alien lol



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    Damn IGN is some hatin ass batches to give this shit 6.2
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    Lou_Cypher wrote: »

    Lol Affleck ever the alcoholic. Runners shouldn't smoke.

    R.I.P. Darwyn Cooke
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    Broddie wrote: »
    Lou_Cypher wrote: »

    Lol Affleck ever the alcoholic. Runners shouldn't smoke.

    Its funny i think this pic was taken after he announced he completed rehab haha. Not positive though.
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    He would do good in supes anyways
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    I really hope Dark Universe takes that 2018 spot. I'm sure thats going to be impossible though as that movie will probably need a lot of effects done for it and should be in production pretty soon or in production already if they wanted to make that October 2018 release date.
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    I'll wait until official news


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    lol I ain't paying attention to all that shit. Them niggas got two final shots with me: WW in June and JL in November

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    DCEU soooo fucking wack :s
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    Lmao this shit imploding

    @Lou_Cypher is in denial :s
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    If The Early Wonder Woman Box Office Predictions Hold, It'll Be A Bit Disappointing


    There are a slew of superhero movies coming up this summer, including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman and Spider-man: Homecoming. There are reasons to get excited about all of them, but we're really interested in the box office performance of Wonder Woman, as it's the first fully female-fronted superhero movie in this new amalgamation of superhero films. Now, the first box office estimates are in, and Warner Bros. and DC may not be super happy with the numbers. Wonder Woman is expected to bring in around $83 million during its first weekend at bat, which would have to be considered a bit disappointing since almost all of the major recent superhero movies have outgrossed it.

    Compared to most movies, $83 million is an absolute haul. In comparison, this weekend's Top 3 movies brought in between $14 and $26 million, although it should be noted that some of the weekend's box office winners were not in their first weekends at the theater. So, why might the studio and comic book company not be super pleased by that number? It's mostly because that prediction is quite a bit lower than the first week hauls of other recent DC Comics movies, including Suicide Squad. The ensemble anti-heroes film brought in $133 million during its first weekend. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice made $166 million opening weekend. Even Man of Steel brought in $116 million during its opening weekend. If these numbers hold true, Wonder Woman won't even get close to the $100 million mark, much less beat any of its DC predecessors. Granted, those are mostly team-up movies, but still, many of us would like to hope Wonder Woman is at least in that same conversation in terms of interest.

    Box Office Pro was the first to put up the numbers as part of its long-range movies forecast, and we'll have to wait and see how the numbers do ultimately pan out when the movie premieres this summer. For comparison, the current prediction for The Fate Of The Furious is $118 million during opening weekend. Guardians of the Galaxy is anticipated to bring in $160 million or so, and Spider-Man: Homecoming wasn't included in this round of estimates. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales opens over a long weekend, and is expected to make about $75 million over four days, so that at least is fairly similar to the Wonder Woman potential haul.

    These numbers aren't set in stone, of course, as Beauty and the Beast made more than was projected just a few weeks ago when it entered theaters. In addition, even if the movie does make $83 million, Wonder Woman is well on its way to making its $100 million budget back and making a profit, as well. It would just be extremely cool if Wonder Woman could prove that it was just as if not more viable than the male-oriented superhero films, especially since buzz about Diana was great when Batman V Superman came out. In addition, it would be great because it would likely pave the way for more female-driven superheroes to get made. We know Wonder Woman can totally kick boys' asses, so let's just hope she ends up doing so at the box office, too.

    We'll let you know if the predictions change in the weeks to come. In the meantime, you can take a look at what we know about the Wonder Woman movie, which is hitting theaters on June 2. Take a look at what other flicks are coming up this summer with our full schedule.
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    Question if Wonder Woman is good but underperforms money wise..or sucks but makes money what does it mean for DCEU?



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    DC Films Producers Debunk '4 Batman Movies' Rumor

    If the rumor about Warner Bros. plans to release four different Batman-related films in one year seemed too good to be true, well, that’s because it probably is.

    Earlier this week a 4chan user got everyone excited for the possibility of 2019’s DC Film slate and how the company plans to celebrate the Dark Knight’s 80th anniversary. It’s certainly an ambitious plan and one that had many people excited for the future of Warner’s superhero universe.

    The unsubstantiated rumor from an anonymous poster stated that Gotham City Sirens, Nightwing, Batgirl, and the Batman would all be scheduled for release that year.

    However, DC Films producer seemed to put some doubt into that plan when he tweeted, tagging Geoff Johns. The post on social media doesn’t outright deny that such a plan is in the works, but it does frame the “news” as rumor mongering. Then Johns responded and added fuel to the fire.

    Jon Berg was promoted to help Johns run DC Films after the mixed results from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The two were brought in to course correct the shared universe of superhero movies after Zack Snyder’s financially successful yet critically panned movie.

    So if anyone would know about the plan for multiple Bat-family films in one year, it’s Berg. And he doesn’t gain anything from squashing a rumor if it’s true—it would be best to let the buzz build with optimism, as that seemed to do.

    But Berg’s and Johns' tweet casts serious doubt on the validity of the rumor, and the fact that he spoke out about it at all means that it got on his radar and he felt compelled to speak about it. Maybe to prevent the inevitable questions and assumptions he’d get from reporters should it gain steam.

    Never the less, we hope to hear about DC Films slate for the next couple of years pretty soon. As it stands, Aquaman seems to be the only film on the calendar for 2018, though when they delayed its premiere from October to December that seemed to free up another film.

    Could we see a fast-tracked Suicide Squad 2 or the Flash? Neither film has a director at this point, and we’re still only hearing rumblings of the Gotham City Sirens movie. Plus the Batman recently locked down Matt Reeves, who is probably going through a pass at the script before they move forward with that project.

    The Batgirl and Nightwing announcements got fans excited for the future. We’ll see how DC Films builds on that goodwill when Wonder Woman releases in theaters June 3. At this point, the Batman does not have a release date.
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    The Rock Says Shazam, Black Adam Films Will Be Totally Different

    Things over at DC Entertainment are moving fast, and company has no plans to slow its roll over the next five years. With the DC Extended Universe expanding yearly, Warner Bros. is on-board to produce a series of films in an ever-growing production calendar. In the past year, fans learned that a movie about the Gotham City Sirens, Batgirl, and Nightwing were all in the works. That’s not even to mention the fact that Black Adam is now confirmed to get his own solo film.

    So, really, it’s a good thing Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is taking everything in stride. The actor has already been cast as the iconic DC Comics anti-hero, and the star has made it clear that he’s ready to take on the role. Now, Johnson is taking time to emphasize how different his Black Adam solo venture will be in comparison to the larger Shazam! film that’s being planned.

    Speaking with MTV, the wrestler-turned-actor said he has had plenty of conversations with Geoff Johns about the DCEU’s world.

    "We've had great discussions with Geoff Johns over at DC. This is a really fun, cool time for DC right now because they're world-building," Johnson said. "We're seeing that with Wonder Woman and Aquaman. We have a few surprises down the line."

    "So what we decided to do was to create a scenario where Black Adam has his stand-alone movie, and Captain Marvel, Shazam, has his stand-alone movie. We're building our world that way, and then we can come together at some point."

    There's no official synopsis for Shazam! or Black Adam, but here's what Johnson had to say about the latter project:

    "One of the most powerful anti-heroes on the planet is coming. And he is coming in hot. Brace yourself for BLACK ADAM! It's a new dawn.”

    “Had a very cool and strategic meeting with the heads of DC about their entire universe. As a hard core DC fan, to get a real sense of the tonal shifts and developments coming in these future movies has me fired up. Something we, as DC fans have all been waiting for for a very long time. Hope, optimism & FUN. Even when talking about the the most ruthless villain/anti-hero of all time finally coming to life. Prepare yourselves DC Universe.”

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