Jhonni Blaze had a miscarriage on stage while stripping

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MediaTakeOut.com has some very SAD . . . and disturbing news to report. The popular Houston skripper Jhonni Blaze, who is a FRIEND TO THE SITE, is currently in the hospital - recovering from a miscarriage.

According to one of Jhonni's co-workers, she was dancing at VLive in Houston two nights ago when she started BLEEDING profusely in the middle of her dance set. It's not clear whether it was the twerking or something else, but she suffered a miscarriage.

Jhonni left he stage and went back stage where she started having CONVULSIONS and was rushed to the emergency room. Doctors gave her a blood transfusion and she appears to be recovering well. Unfortunately the baby did not survive.

All the best to our girl Jhonni - she's talented and beautiful and we know she definitely has STAR POTENTIAL. Get well soon MAMA!!!

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