Timepiece:Complete the Fit

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Drop your timepiece.



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    I'll post the pictures later, but mine are nothing special. Just a Timex Indiglo that I boosted from Duane Reade when I worked there thirteen years ago and a bootleg Bugarli that has immense sentimental value because my uncle gave it to me. Since I'm left handed one day I will purchase a watch for southpaws. Lefty watches have the crown on the other side.


    The a sign of a true baller is call up Rolex or Patek Phillipe and have them make you some southpaw shit. Considering that these watches already cost racks, you'd really be doing it big to have some lefty shit.
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    Have about a dozen watches but this is the one I wear the most

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    I Have A Little Bit Of Everything....A Couple Of G-Shocks, Serveral Invictas...They Nice Watches Large Diameter Watches For A Very Reasonable...But My Favorite Is My Nixon 51-30....You Can Get Swiss Movement Without Paying Thousands....Plus Alot Of High End Watches Dont Make Them Big Faces With A Few Exceptions...But You Know Niggas Love To Stunt On Some Kanye "You Ain't Up On This"....
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    i mostly rock these 2:
    mechanic watch, my fav


    also got a basic tissot steel one, which i plan to replace with a rado, omega, breitling or tag heuer
    texas409nex gin
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    Anybody own a rolex? I'm looking into getting a datejust
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    Surprised nobody wearing Seiko got 2 of em and 2 fossil watches
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    im just not a watch person idk why, maybe when im older.
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    Them Nixon shits look nice I don't really rock jewelry but in thinking about the regular gold and the rose gold Nixon big face junts, are they durable and worth the 500?
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    NIXON Durable yes
    But I'd try to get it for less than the list price.
    They sell em at Macys now so U can catch a sale.
    Also overstock.com has some for $80 cheaper
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    b00kie wrote: »
    Just got this MSTR Gold tone


    Not bout to spend $15k on the AP. I ain't got it

    it looks nice but basically its just a knocc off

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    CracceR wrote: »
    b00kie wrote: »
    Just got this MSTR Gold tone


    Not bout to spend $15k on the AP. I ain't got it

    it looks nice but basically its just a knocc off
    I like the design.
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    Dayum niggas really posting up A Lange et Sohne watches SMMFH, them joints go for at least 6 figures. Nice watch but you can find similar styles at a fraction of the price and will prolly last longer too SMMFH. That's not a watch niggas can wear everyday, those are dinner party watches.

    @b00kie‌ that's a dope ass watch fam. You and @GettinLo‌ got the best watch games I've seen thus far. GettinLo got a watch for every situation, that's what's up.

    My joints:



    Yes btw that's a timex watch (TX Luxury series), I'm sorry niggas, I aint droppin no 5k on no watch to impress, I can utilize 5k in other ways that will make money than to drop that on a watch SMMFH. The first one is TX series 500 (rose gold plated bezel) and TX 600 series (black on black), glass is made out of a blue sapphire crystal for both of them. They don't make them anymore but I'm sure you can find it on ebay. Those watches will run you a decent 300-500 and they're good watches.


    Here's a watch you don't see anymore but IMO was still a classy watch - Movado. That was a big watch in the 90s, to us when you had one that meant you was a player. Surprised none of the rappers rock em but that's prolly a good thing.

    Anybody own a rolex? I'm looking into getting a datejust

    My father got me up on them. Nigga has Rolex watches decades old and still hold up and look far better than most of the watches out now. I shit on a lot of the high end watches cuz many aren't even built properly and look horrible but Rolex is one of those watches that never fell victim or followed trends of today. Rolex Datejust >>>> AP and all the other nonsense rappers are wearing now. It's just a classy watch and well crafted. Breitlings are very nice too. Rolex, Omega and Breitling are the only high end watches I like, the rest are just obnoxious. I'm prolly gonna catch a lot of flack for this but keep diamonds off of watches - it looks ridiculous and destroys the craftsmanship IMO. The watches with the flooded faces of diamonds are ridiculous, that might work on the blind, deaf and dumb but real players gonna think you a fool.
    aneed123GettinLoking hassan_Goldie_
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