Expectations & Reality in Relationships

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Every relationship has an ebb and flow. Every relationship has stated and unstated expectations.
In the clip posted above, its clear that in William Wallace's relationship, Brains was expected daily.
His s/o, apparently, is now trying to switch it up. He seems a lil mad about that.

Now, he wrong for being all in his feelings, and letting a hoe control him instead of controlling his hoe,
but let's look at the root of the problem.

Is it be a problems when your S/O no longer wants to go by the things that made the relationship work?

I've been in this type of relationship. All of my relationships ever have been like this, and I feel some type of way
when i'm denied. ESPECIALLY when my girl acts like she don't know what she doing. It's like "bitch, do you think I want your hand on my stomach right now? go south! quit playin"

This goes for both sexes. It don't have to be about sex, oral or otherwise. It could be about taking out the trash.

How do you all handle it when the status quo changes to something that you aint cool with?

Is the other person wrong for switching it up? What if they thing they are evolving?
Mel's bish probably thinks she is above giving brain every single day. Is that a reason to cancel her? (my answer is yes)

This goes for girls and guys. Hell, I think @lechic said her man got his face in her lap EVERY DAY.
So, it is what it is.

Whats your opinions G&S?


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