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15 Year Old YMCMB Signee Torion Sellers Is Tired Of The BS, Wants To Leave Label

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15-year-old Torion Sellers, who signed with YMCMB at 13-years-old, now wants to leave the label.

Although YMCMB is on a continuous quest to sign more and more artists, it seems like they can't keep the ones they have signed happy. Torion Sellers, a young singer who signed with the label at the age of 13, is asking to be let out of his contract with Young Money.

TMZ reports that Torion Sellers, now 15, has filed legal documents claiming Wayne signed him immediately after his audition, based off his "amazing voice" and "God-given gift and talent."

Torion was promised he'd record and release an album by Spring of 2012, but that came and went, and no album happened. Now Torion says that Wayne and the label have abandoned him, and he wants out. In addition to this, he claims Young Money messed up because they neglected to get court approval of the contract that was signed when he was a kid.

Torion believes he could get another deal, but noone will touch him until the Young Money contract is officially over.


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