Jay-Z is on some Uncle Tom sh*t

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I can no longer rock wit Jay anymore as a proud Black man I can't support this dude anymore. I used to laugh at the whole Euro Jay thing but it's the truth this dude in the last few years has moved further and further away from a black/soulful sound and more towards a European/pop/white sound and it's even reflected in the imagery of his music.


Jay seems obsessed with white artists like Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, and Kurt Cobain, even going as far to say that Kurt Cobain shut down Hip-Hop in 1991, and he continued this trend on MCHG. When Jay did get around to mentioning a black entertainer on "Nickles and Dimes" it was in a disrespectful manner.

"I'm just tryna find common ground
'fore Mr. Belafonte come chop a nigga down
Mr. Day O major fail
respect these youngins Boy, it's my time now"

This dude actually called Harry Belafonte "Boy" a man that dedicated his life to fight for the rights and freedoms of Black people even risked his life as others in the movement were being murdered and lynched he still marched and spoke out and continues to do so now, you call him Boy?

And the worse part of the album is this dude allowing Frank Ocean to sing "I hope my black skin don't dirt this white tuxedo" that shit is disgusting, that is some Clarence Thomas, Allen West level cooning.

I'm done with this Oreo cookie nigga.
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