Jay-Z - Magna Carta...Holy Grail (Review)



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    terry1982 wrote: »
    This album is garbage. Jay-z need to step his content or lyrism up
    That album was str8 garbage.

    I don't think the album was that bad but the content leaves a lot to be desired.....Jay has to move on from the rags to riches thing, that's very true
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    This was a great review. I agree on almost everything you've said. My fav tracks off the album are Beach Is Better, Jay Z Blue, Picasso Baby
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    I ain't hating!!!! but keep it real!!! That Jay z album was str8 trash!!!! Compared to his old stuff!!!

    I mean keep it real!!! Thats all i ask!!!
  • terry1982terry1982 Posts: 17
    Keep it real with yourself!!!! Quit basing it off Jay z being Jay z!!!! If yall could understand what I'm saying!!! Let's be real!!!
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    It's amazing how quickly this album fizzed out but then that's about 90-95% of music these days.
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    I heard "Holy Stale" on the radio this morning. not impressed and changed the channel. no hate, just can't stand garbage music.
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    Is it like watch the the throne???? That's all I need to know cuz they said w the throne was wack but I liked it....

    Is it like w the throne or weird????
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    Maybe I was listening to a different album than y'all. I loved the album when it came out and still bump that bitch to this day.
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    This album doesn't grow on you I don't think it has longevity replay value. It was nice when it first came out because of the surprise timing
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    At the time it came out I was happy for a new Jay-Z album but to a point. Blueprint 3 was a major disappointment and cemented my worst fear that Jay-Z has eroded lyrically. It's one of the few Jay albums I never actually bought and I'm glad I didn't. Other than some choice songs it was a lot of filler and half assed attempts at big singles. Jay will forever be an all-time great but if he didn't make another album I wouldn't be bothered.
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    A huge let down. I didn't know what to expect going in to this album. But man, some tracks are fucking wack, it's like 90% of the album is filler, and I'm a jigga fan. Smh I don't think hov has eroded lyrically, I just think he was bored and decided to drop an album.

    RD, BP1, BA, Vol 2, Vol 1, American G, Vol 3, BP2, Dynasty, BP3, Magna Carta, Kingdom Come

    In that order is how I rate his catalog
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    2015 and nobody plays this shit
    Tsotsi Cape TownBcotton5willhustle
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    I bumped that shit yesterday five
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    "This my Wayne Perry flowwwwww"

    That's when I knew jigga lost his mojo. Jay Z nut hugging fans are in denial. That album is trash
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