Dr. Boyce Watkins calls out Nas for Jeremih Wright lyrics

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I respect Nas. I loved his song, “The Ether”. I consider Nas to be one of the most talented rappers in America. I backed his joint against Fox News, and I stand by much of what he’s doing. Here is where I have to draw some lines:

1) If you want to be a black leader, stop trying to kill off the black leaders who came before you. This is not a damn mafia movie, where you have to whack out the heads of the family to get your throne. Just do your thing. Getting your position in black leadership does not mean you have to attack Jesse Jackson in the process.

2) That thing about calling Jeremiah Wright a coon? That was, to be honest, the cooning-est thing I’ve ever heard you say. Dr. Wright was fighting for black people before your black ass was even an embryo. Dawg, that’s uncalled for. Wright didn’t come after you, he didn’t attack you, he didn’t say jack to you. So, your comments about Wright were simply out of control. To be more specific, here is what you said:

“That’s street corner shit. That’s that nigger shit, just on a higher level. That’s just a dumb-ass nigga. With all the degrees and intelligence he has, he throws all that out the window when he starts cooning. Reverend Wright is the biggest coon of the 21st century so far, and that’s just what it is. And I don’t give a fuck who he’s down with, where he studied at, he’s a great fucking coon.”

I’m done with this. I’ll support you Nas, and I respect you on many levels. But you have to pull the plug on all these strange publicity stunts. Attacking Jeremiah Wright, a man who has shown a lot more courage in his life than most brothers in the rap game, is just too much.
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