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Mecca & The Soul Brother to be re-recorded with a live band

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Later this month, Hip Hop production icon Pete Rock is teaming with Camp Lo to release a free album, 80 Blocks From Tiffany's Part 2. Speaking with NE Hip Hop recently, Pete briefly mentioned his intentions to re-do his magnum opus, with a live band. "I'm doing a re-record of Mecca & The Soul Brother with C.L. Smooth, with a live band," said Pete. "That's gonna be crazy."

Released in 1992 on Elektra Records, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's Mecca & The Soul Brother is widely considered a Hip Hop classic album. It prompted the single "T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You)" dedicated to Trouble T-Roy of Heavy D & The Boyz. Additionally, the first full-length album of two released by the duo included involvement from Large Professor, Heavy D and then label-mate Grand Puba.

This is the latest reunion for Pete and C.L., who have taken time apart and publicly broken up throughout the last 18 years. Touring in recent years, the pair last released "Appreciate" in 2004, which appeared on Rock's Soul Survivor II album.

No release date or further information was given.

Previously, Pete Rock collaborators M.O.P. released a 2004 Metal album, Mash Out Posse, with live muscians playing many of the group's hits. Another P.R. collaborator, Cormega, in 2011, followed suit with Raw Forever, made with The Revelations.


Thoughts on this?
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