Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 8/18/2013 (Kendrick Lamar Crosses Platinum)



    YEezus is gold status without the system
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    K Michelle 70k? guess we know where all the child support money went to this month
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    #4. Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines - 48,000 (291,000)

    this shit is still shocking to me, biggest song of the year is on this album and its not really selling guess folks just buying that single

    More proof that artist development is needed for longevity in sales.
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    Mr_Kennedy wrote: »

    This week, Kendrick Lamar’s album “good kid, m.A.A.d city” finally reached 1,000,000 in sales. Now that he has the sales to match the lofty critical acclaim that his album received, what is next for the Compton MC? Overcoming the daunting sophomore curse.

    Many prominent artists that have ever made a mark in Hip-Hop tend to have made that mark with their major label debut album. However, many of them fail to reach the same level of quality in their music on their second attempt. This can be said about the commercial success of those albums too. This could be explained by a number of factors: they shot their proverbial load and don’t have much left to say; their allure has diminished and therefore no longer seem like that breath of fresh air they once were or; a change in environments such as: new labels and producers. Kendrick Lamar now has these potential issues to overcome.

    Article continued here: http://thekoalition.com/2013/08/kendrick-lamar-beat-sophomore-curse/

    So will Kendrick's album succeed over his first?

    K Dot still has a lot more to prove. With all the competition in the air, he put pressure on his peers and himself to make a classic sophomore album. He is the artist that is in it for keeps.
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    K dot already has two albums and yall really think robin thcike sales are bad? What
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    K Michele WTF 72 first week ... WTF
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