Pusha T Downplays Kendrick's "Control" Shots: "I Been Shooting At The Top Of The Food Chain"

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G.O.O.D Music's Pusha T is not losing any sleep over Kendrick Lamar sending the Internet into a frenzy these past two weeks over his must-hear "Control" lyrics and said he has used K. Dot's strategy for roughly two years.

In Pusha's opinion, he has always treated his lyrics and punchlines as warrior-like.
"I personally myself have been, you know, by myself and alone when it comes to my lyrical barbs with other rappers and so on and so forth," began Pusha as he addressed Kendrick's words.

"Regardless on what behalf I've done it on and regardless of what the reasoning behind them, like, I just shoot, like I don't ask no questions, I don't ask for help, I'm not into that. I'm different; I'm a warrior. That's what I do." (MTV)

The Virginia native also said he, himself, has gone after the top dogs for the past couple years.

Pressed to elaborate on how he felt when he heard Kendrick's rapped rant, which also included references to J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, Drake and Mac Miller, Pusha said, "I don't feel slighted, man, I've been doing this. I've been shooting at the top of the food chain for like two years straight, alone, nobody! This is nothing new. This ain't nothing new. It's the sport, man, at the same time keeping it clever, keeping it classy, keeping it, you know, sportsmanlike." (MTV)



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