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Frenchie Accuses Gucci Of Paying Lawyer Fees For Slim Dunkin's Killer.Gucci & Deb accused of theft.

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An ugly war of words broke out on Twitter Saturday (September 7th) that seemed to reshape 1017 Brick Squad as we once knew it. The argument pitted Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman against longtime associates Frenchie, Waka Flocka and Wooh Da Kid.

Frenchie accused Gucci of stealing from his artists and paying for the lawyer of Slim Dunkin's killer, Young Vito.

Guwop responded by claiming that Waka's mother/manager, Deb Antney, stole money from OJ Da Juiceman.

Waka also threatened to expose Gucci for not being the gangster he proclaims to be. He pointed out two instances, one in Detroit and the other in Chicago, where the 1017 Brick Squad boss reportedly needed help getting out of street beefs.


"@gucci1017 waner Bros gave you the sack for BrickSquad and you blew the money f*got rickross got the same deal for his artis," Frenchie wrote. "you ain't a Boss you a thief WE MAde BRICKSQUAD n*gga. that sh*t hurt my heart to here you payed for that n*gga lawyer I never say sh*t f*cked up to you but now enuff is enuff."

Gucci Mane denied the accusation and fired back with a few of his own.

"If. U believe I payed 4. Vito lawyer. U a b*tch. F*ck Vito. F*ck n*gga," Guwop responded.



This entire situation stems from a fallout between Gucci and Waka back in May. At the time Gucci said his former friend was dropped from the 1017 label. In August he offered to sell Waka's contract for $1 million.

Things only got worse from there, which resulted in last night's free for all. Continue reading more below.

"When I met #IceCreamCone he was wearing cowboy boots and clear Jordan’s #Rns," wrote Waka.


Waka's blood brother, Wooh Da Kid, fired shots at OJ and pledged allegiance to his family.


OJ ended up siding with Gucci.






“Every generation has its own evil. But our evil is a different kind of evil — our systems are evil.” - Rev. Nicholas Richards


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