What Was the First Hard Rock, Metal, or Grunge Song that You Liked?

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I've always liked this song from the moment it debuted. Strangely enough the first time, I heard it was on Rick Chase's afternoon show on KMEL. Even twenty plus years later, there's just something special about November Rain, and for me it's one of the few songs that perfect, everything comes together, from Axel's screechy ass voice, the piano, Slash's three guitar solos, and of course the strings, (I'm a sucker for strings.) Shit is just a beautiful record with a video that totally compliments the song.

Smells Like Teen Spirit just goes to muthafuckin' hard. Though I'm a lyric dude first, and for the longest time I didn't know what the lyrics to this song were, the shit is just infectious, how can you not this song.



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