Danny Brown Says Miley Cyrus' Supporters In Rap Are Disingenuous

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Danny Brown, set to release his upcoming album Old on October 8, says the project can be described as an "indie Rap" collection.

"I’d say it's a Rap album, but it's an 'indie rap' album," Brown said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. "Indie Rap, you can tell it's no motives of making money behind it. It's just artistic expression. I know how to rap and I care about pushing the genre forward, being progressive. [Rap purists] are probably stuck in the early Nineties. For me, that sound is cool, that sound is great, but if we just continue to do that, where we gonna be in 10 years?

During the interview, Brown also spoke about his recent criticism of Big Sean.

"My point with Big Sean is that every time you hear him in an interview and every time he do anything, he's like, ''Cause I’m from Detroit. I’m from Detroit.' There’s ho-ass niggas from Detroit and there's gangstas in Detroit. Just being from a place doesn't dictate, doesn't mean anything. My whole point is about inspiring people to do things to get out of Detroit. Somebody like him hasn't been in Detroit forever, in years. He repping it like it's a cool place to be."

In August, Brown said Sean was "spoiled" and "sheltered" due to his upbringing. Later, Big Sean said that he and Brown spoke about their differences.

Brown had similar words for Miley Cyrus, who recently told Rolling Stone that she "really grew up" after spending a summer in Detroit.

"Detroit's where I felt like I really grew up," she said in her cover story for the magazine. "It was only for a summer, but that's where I started going to clubs, where I got my first tattoo...without my mom's consent. I got it on 8 Mile."

Brown was asked about Cyrus' quote.

"She ain't live no Detroit experience," Brown said. "We can throw that out the window. I think she just trying to be cool. Personally, the reason that I don't like it is there's a lot of little girls that saw and looked up to Miley Cyrus as a little kid. Now they grown and they seeing what she doing. Somebody else can do that. You can be the one person who don't do that. What's your point? That you want to fuck black niggas or something? I don't get it. You just lost a nice-looking White dude, who was rich. Is he? I don’t know. I just know homeboy left Miley Cyrus and I say, 'Duh.'

Brown was also asked how he feels about men in Hip Hop who have endorsed Miley Cyrus' music and rapping. Cyrus, for example, appears as a rapper on Mike WiLL Made It's recent single "23," which also features Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa, who have also publicly endorsed Cyrus.

"I think anybody doing that just trying to eat," Brown said. "Ain't no nigga worried about their own music worried about her. Kendrick Lamar is not trying to do no song with Miley Cyrus. It's just like this, man. It's like the little White girl in the hood that might get you a plug on some pills or some shit. You gonna be nice to her to get your plug or whatever you need to get. They trying to eat."
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    Nh at "she lost a nice looking white dude"............................................
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    Yamoley wrote: »
    For a lanky, toothless, crack smoking looking ass nigga, this Danny Brown nigga spoke some real shit right there....I might download his album (or maybe not)
    It's worth it. go ahead and listen.
    nickel-us P
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    Same can be said about Justin beiber trying too hard to be down or cool

    lol that Canadian dyke is channeling his inner Tupac
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    ok.. now im curious about his music
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    Nigga said Canadian dyke

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    i have no problem with white people being in hip-hop. but i do have a problem with these white disney ass mf'ers who aint never seen no part of nothing nor lived no part of nothing, who are rich, who all of a sudden start appropriating hip-hop style and culture (that they never claimed before) just cause they think it's "cool" or a fad.
    this goes for justin beiber and miley cyrus and timberlake as well.

    it's one thing if you paul wall or even pink, but its another thing when you some rich person who just trying to get down with something you know no part of.

    lest we forget this is what miley cyrus said in 2009


    Miley Cyrus -- whose hit song, "Party in the U.S.A." includes a line about her nodding her head to one of the rapper's tracks -- says she doesn't know which of his songs inspired the lyrics.

    "I've never heard a Jay-Z song," the singer, 16, said in an interview before her Halloween concert -- in which she was dressed as Pocahontas -- in Louisville, Kentucky this past Saturday. "I don't listen to pop music."
    Then how did it get in her song -- which was recently No. 1 on the Top 40 charts?

    "I don't know, I didn't write the song, so I have no idea," she said of the tune, which was written by a songwriting team of Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly and Jessica Cornish. "Honestly, I picked that song because I needed something to go with my clothing line. I didn't write it and ... I didn't expect it to be popular, originally. It was just something that I wanted to do, and I needed some songs and it turned out for the best."

    4 years ago she NEVER heard a jay-z song, and now she is saying how much she loves hip-hop? this shit is fake as fuck and all these niggas caping for her is sickening. glad danny brown finally spoke some truth about this elvis bitch using our culture to make headlines and sales.

    Juicy J is my nigga nh but as a trill nigga he turned to a broad when he was caping for Miley Cyrus twerking on The Breakfast Club. Then you got Mike Will & French "Hannah" Montana featuring that overrated white trash on rap songs like the rap game don't have past & present female rappers in it already.

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    I remember seeing an interview a while back where Danny Brown said his little sister or I think niece looks up to hanna montana. Ain't no good role models for the youth coming from music any time soon.
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    respect on speaking his peace..

    on a side note, Kathy griffin can get it
    nickel-us P
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    goldenja wrote: »
    respect on speaking his peace..

    on a side note, Kathy griffin can get it

    With make up on cause without make up

    lazypakmanStoneColdMikeyTurfaholicrip.dillaBender RodriguezMR.CJ
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    I don't even know who this dude is. I don't follow hip hop or rap anymore because I've lost interest within the past couple of years for the most part with only a handful of exceptions who are already well established. But what he said is some real ass shit. I've been thinking that since the moment people started co-signing this lost girl's antics. It just seems like they just see an opportunity to get that mainstream Disney level exposure and gain a couple of thousands of her fans in return not that they really believe in her "talent" or "movement".
    313 wayz
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    Mr.LV wrote: »
    goldenja wrote: »
    respect on speaking his peace..

    on a side note, Kathy griffin can get it

    With make up on cause without make up


    lol Absolutely horrendous. Type of white people that can't take any type of sunlight. Copper tone dat lol
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    danny got bangers galore.

    ^ killed that shit.started checking out his stuff after that verse.
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    judahxulu wrote: »
    ok.. now im curious about his music

    You wont like it
    nickel-us PMr.LV
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