Ayo why we never talk about how Game outlasted 50 tho?

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Real shit, I fucked wit 50 hard as a shorty but around the time I get money came out i started not feeling his shit. That Ayo technology was dope by the way but that's besides the point yo Game been out consistent as fuck since he came out. Think about it, Game ain't never been quiet for too long in the game. Oh how quickly niggas forget; need I remind you? I Remember! And he don't fuck around wit the beef either, he proved that too. So I mean in the end I guess it's only one thing to say:

Game won.

But yall niggas seem to sweep that under the rug. Guess it shows how much yall secretly respect 50 and his whole G-Unit movement.
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    Well Game iz a better lyricist than Fif ever dreamed of being. Fif just came out at a time when a certain formula
    Worked for general hit making and he was able to cake of that formula behide the Dre driven beats. When Dre stopped messin wit Curtis as much the slided started as far as musically.
    Dre stopped messin wiy Game for a lil bit after the drama wit Fif but the difference seem to be that Game got defiantly driven where as Curtis allowed himself to fade away into other ventures.
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    Was just thinking about this the other day...

    I just think 50's energy shifted towards other ventures and he became less concerned with the music (everything post BFM was subpar at best)

    Game's still here but for the most part (to stay mainstream relevant) he's riding that new wave, production and flow wise. I liked Game circa Doctor's Advocate, almost everything after has been ehh.

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    Ben E wrote: »
    Jesus piece is dope but 50 moved on to acting, vitamin water, headphones, sports management and promotion... at this point he could prolly give a fuck bout the game and the game...

    Unless you are willing to tour and get in with the right people, the music business is not a business to get involved with. Anyone can be a hit with a Jesse J written hook, a Flo Rida cameo and Calvin Harris/David Guetta/Diplo/JR Rotem/Will.I.Am beat as long as you're willing to play the game. Rita Ora is doing it, Ellie Goulding is doing it, Jordin Sparks is doing it...

    The streets don't buy shit so street music is not what people are peddling, so now we got Wu jumping on tracks with Bieber and Drake because it's the stupid hipster fuckers buying Kanye West white T shirts for 120 bucks with no common sense that are keeping the market afloat. It's also why now they are wheeling out Miley Cyrus as Vanilla Ice 2.0 with tits just like they did 20 years ago. Pink had to knock that shit off ten years ago and find her own lane because it wasn't selling but times have changed again...

    Luxury commodities are where it is at right now and high end headphones/alcohol/talent management are where the real money is being made. Even Wale has got a Skullcandy deal.

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    50 due for a comeback!
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    Game didn't burn bridges in the industry (see 'One Blood Remix') ..

    50 however did and just got blantantly ignorant. But like someone here said, maybe he's lost interest with music and is now on his business empire ..
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    None of the niggas 50 had problems with seeing the money he's seen/seeing so...
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    Game makes better music...I found myself listening to Old English and why you hate game today
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    he got super rich and stopped tryin when the fans got tired of the Beefing
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    I'm not gonna say 50 stopped giving a fuck unless he says it himself.. always seems like a cop out.. too much time and money goes into an album.. a album too bad can back off any business partners cause they only care if you hot..
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    Elrawd wrote: »
    Young Buck sure as hell lost though

    That's cold. True though.

    I think Game deserves credit. He had a single and album just last year while around that same time 50 was bitching bout not even getting a release date.

    Fact is, 50 do still care about music, regardless of what these niggas talking about. All his money and all the other things he does are one thing but when it comes to the music he lost. Dude doesn't even get called to do features, considering he was once the top artist in the world I'm sure he wants that spot back and it ain't coming.

    So now dude doing straight to DVD movies and mixtapes...oh well.
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    Game won from a music stand point since he's still putting albums out.

    50 has sold 30MILL WW. And is winining financially.
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    22 bruh...I had GRODT when it dropped, I was like 11. I was brainwashed as a kid to fuck with 50, and not rock with anyone against him. All my favorite artists was ridin' wit 50 in the ja rule beef, so when he slaughtered him I thought fifty was that nigga. So naturally when game n 50 fell out I was on 50 side...then I grew up.

    Game got my respect, and let's just be real about the shit...Game won.
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