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    Damn! This is a good match, props to the judges and voters for coming through in the clutch.
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    Honestly this one is so.close it could go either way. They both did a great job and put a lot of thought into it. No half assing it. Salute.
  • GovernmentCheeseGovernmentCheese Posts: 2,976 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Honestly this one is so.close it could go either way. They both did a great job and put a lot of thought into it. No half assing it. Salute.

    It sucks that only one of them can go to the next round.

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    future sales ill take Ibex. I think drake, nikki, j. cole and lauren hill are easily more likely to make a sales splash in the mainstream than most of sirius's roster, plus u never know pharrell could break through with a hit

    future critical acclaim damn this is really close sirius even found a way to make games album look like it could be his best, i have to give the edge to sirius, the only thing close to a weak link to me would be nicki's album in terms of what i think critics might say, and its still pretty strong

    longevity here ill take ibex, all the albums on both teams look like they could bump for a lil while, but to me pharrells album seemed like the one that would last a while, or maybe even be ahead of its time, plus u can count on drake to give u something that would last for a while

    album covers/tracklist both teams had strong covers and tracklist that seemed close to things the artists would do in reality, but i give the edge to ibex, his covers were just too strong, the westside and eastside covers kinda hurt sirius

    roster/tracklist cohesion another tough decision here, both were great once again, but i gotta take ibex just barely, all the producers and features seemed to be used in the proper spot, but the game and blu song seem outta place on the eastside album even tho i kno game would probably do a song wit that title and style, the curren$y mannie fresh collabs were like a dream collaboration tho

    easily the best matchup so far

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    @Ibex leads @Madsirius 3-1

    Best of 7, only votes from judges will count fkr the rest of the match. (Community vote is over)
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    Future Sales: Ilbex has this hemmed up. Drizzy, Cole, Nicki and Lauryn all could sell. That Nicki album look like some shit a million bitches would buy. Only person Mad has that could compete was Game and he past his prime, and that Prey album doesn't look to commercial friendly.

    Future Critical acclaim: Tied, that Clipse album, Hill album, Cole, and even the drizzy and Pharrel look like itd be played for years. Mad made AB-soul looks like it'd be the most universally respected album out of them all, and this man made a ASAP album look raw. Its a toss up right here.

    Longevity: Ilbex has this, he has more Tier one artist, whether you hate Nicki or not she here to stay, Hill can put out an album once a decade and people would rejoice. Mads artists will last a long time, but on a mainstream level Ilbex gots this.

    Album Covers: There both dope as hell but Ilbex has this, the Clipse album is probably the best looking cover in the whole tournament thus far that Hill album looks GOAT. The titles all match. As for Sirius he came through with some dope covers but it was like a roster full of A- covers versus ilbex A/A+ covers

    Tracklisting/cohesiveness: Madsirius has this. Look at the little details on that mans track names, he put tons of thought. The "Cash Money Rumors," from GAMES LP Lolol. But Ilbex has some dope ones and the Pinkprint is some shit Nicki would drop, and that drake just makes me Lolool.

    My vote goes to @Ilbex but this was the closest match-up so far. Goddam they put in work.
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    Thanks to all who voted, and shout out to @ibex for all the hard work to make this round so exiting. I lost, but I feel good knowing it was a close contest
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    @Ibex is moving on to the semi finals, good match.

    @Sion Can you unsticky and close this thread when you have the time? Thanks fam.
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    Shout out to @Madsirius for such a competitive round I couldn't think of a better matchup that round was on some Illmatic vs. Ready To Die type shit and rounds like that is what the game is all about..and Thanks to all that voted every critique was honest and constructive
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