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Community vote, winner get 1 vote, loser gets none. Community vote is best of 5. Posters must explain why they chose a individual's label. Labels will be evaluated on the following criteria: future sales, future critical acclaim, longevity, album covers/tracklist, and roster/tracklist cohesion. All tournament matches are best out of 7.

@Sion - Sion Records
Label Roster:
No I.D. - 33 M
50 Cent - 74 M
Eminem - 94 M
Scarface - 50 M
Rick Rubin - 22 M
Timbaland - 80 M
Dr. Dre - 128 M
Jay Electronica - 22 M
The Alchemist - 84 M
Mike Dean
LLoyd Banks
Mobb Deep
Pete Rock

In My Own Words: Self Portrait
1. The Evolutionary prod. Dr.Dre & Rick Rubin
2. Voices In my Head prod. Rick Rubin
3. Kill You Part 2 prod. Dr.Dre
4. The Dreaded Marshall ft. Jay Electronica prod. Mike Dean
5. Home Sweet Home (Detroit What) prod. Rick Rubin
6. Judgement Day prod. Mike Dean
7. Over The Fire prod. No I.D.
8. Paint The Picture prod. No I.D.
9. Em Day ft Dr.Dre prod. Eminem
10. Keep Going prod. Dr.Dre
11. License To Ill prod. Rick Rubin
12. Crazy prod. Mike Dean
13. Wordplay prod. Dr.Dre
14. Night of the Living prod. Rick Rubin
15. Built Tough prod. Eminem & Mike Dean
16. Dont Get It Twisted ft. 50 Cent prod. Pete Rock

Mobb Deep
Back II Basics
1. Flags prod. Havoc
2. Street Disciples prod. Havoc
3. They Kill You prod. Mike Dean
4. What's The Difference prod. Alchemist
5. Nightmares of Hell prod. Alchemist
6. The Pen prod. Mobb Deep
7. The Street Commandments (Codes) prod. Havoc
8. Die On Your Feet prod. Mobb Deep
9. Taking You With Me prod. Alchemist
10. Up North prod. Havoc
11. Soldier Anthem prod. Havoc
12. Lost Gems prod. Mike Dean
13. The Darkest Cypher prod. by Mobb Deep

Scarface x Prodigy
Black Panther
(Intro - Huey Newton and Malcolm X Speech)
1. The Panther Party prod. Mike Dean
2. Womb To The Tomb prod. Mike Dean
3. Huey Neuton prod. Pete Rock
4. S.T.R.E.E.T.S prod. Havoc
5. Veterans Day prod. Alchemist
6. Don't Give A Fuck prod. Alchemist
7. Ride prod. Mike Dean
8. False Prophets ft. Jay Electronica prod. Alchemist
9. All Seeing Eye prod. Alchemist & Mike Dean
10. Tears of Man prod. Mike Dean
(Outro - Commentary from Louis Farrakhan)
*Executive Produced by Mike Dean and Alchemist*

Lloyd Banks
Failure Is Not An Option 2
1. Remedy prod. Alchemist
2. Golden Eagle prod. Havoc
3. Tomorrow Never Dies prod. Mike Dean
4. Stand Down prod. Mike Dean
5. The Jungle prod. Alchemist
6. Build It Up ft. Jay Electronica prod. No I.D.
7. Nothing More Nothing Less prod. Alchemist
8. The Plight & Trough prod. Mike Dean
9. Loyalty prod. Pete Rock
10. Winning Is The Only Thing prod. Alchemist
11. The Oracle ft. Prodigy prod. Havoc
12. Luxury Tax prod. Alchemist
13. Machine prod. Alchemist
14. These Eyes (Have Seen) prod. Pete Rock
15. Ladder to Success prod. Timbaland
16. Watching Me prod. Timbaland
17. Heart of Silver prod. Pete Rock
18. Go prod. Pete Rock
*special shout out to IceBergTaylor for designing this cover for Banks*

Jay Electronica
(Act 1 skit - No I.D. on who is Jay Electronica)
1. Dawn of Electronica (intro) prod. No I.D.
2. Magna Explosion prod. No I.D.
3. Fear of Love prod. No I.D.
4. Archaic Process Prod. Pete Rock
5. Timely Essence prod. Alchemist
6. Exhibit Y prod. No I.D. & Pete Rock
(Act 2 skit - No I.D. speaks about trials & tribulations)
7. Nothing To See Here prod. No I.D. & Dr.Dre
8. Chained Wordsmith ft. Eminem prod. No I.D.
9. James Bond Theory prod. No I.D.
10. Spiritual Revival prod. Pete Rock
11. Lost Kings of Nubia prod. No I.D.
12. E.B.O.N.Y prod. Pete Rock
(Act 3 skit - Pete Rock speaks about Legacies In Hip-Hop)
13. The Spoken Word prod. Pete Rock

Jay Electronica
Things She Said EP
1. Dear Diary prod. Pete Rock
2. I Once L.O.V.E Her prod. Pete Rock
3. Whether or Not prod. Pete Rock
4. Vodka Martini prod. Pete Rock
5. 3000 Miles and Running prod. Pete Rock

The Last Stand
1. Lonely Blues prod. Pete Rock
2. To Kingdom Come prod. Dr.Dre & Mike Dean
3. Stand By Me prod. Mike Dean
4. How Long prod. Mike Dean
5. Shady Cypher prod. Dr.Dre & Mike Dean
6. The Last Time prod. Dr.Dre & Mike Dean
7. If I Loved You prod. Mike Dean
8. The Devil Inside prod. Mike Dean & No I.D.
9. Fight Me prod. Dr.Dre
10. Friday The 13th prod. Dr.Dre
11. Duck Down prod. Mike Dean
12. But What prod. Mike Dean
13. Prizefighters ft. 50 Cent prod. Dr. Dre & Rick Rubin
14. Only I Know prod. Eminem
15. Colors prod. Dr.Dre & Mike Dean
*Executive Producers: Dr.Dre & Mike Dean*

1. Listen Up (Intro) prod. Alchemist
2. Play This Only At Night prod. Alchemist
3. Nightcall prod. Alchemist
4. Gangsters Only prod. Alchemist
5. Triple Triad prod. Alchemist
6. Hand To Hand prod. Alchemist
7. Perseverance prod. Alchemist
8. Judged by 12 Ft. Eminem prod. Alchemist
9. The Madness of Men prod. Alchemist
10. That's How I feel prod. Alchemist
11. Alchemy Dream prod. Alchemist & Havoc
12. The Confessions of a Mac prod. Havoc

50 Cent
Southside Story
1. Homecoming prod. Eminem & Mike Dean
2. Turnt Up prod. Timbaland
3. The Betrayal prod. Timbaland
4. Hard To Kill prod. Dr.Dre & Timbaland
5. Trigger Happy (Jay-Z Diss) prod. Dr.Dre
6. Remind You prod. Dr.Dre
7. When World's Collide ft. Eminem prod. No I.D.
8. Heart Turn Cold ft. Lloyd Banks prod. Pete Rock
9. Let's Get Right ft. Timbaland prod. Timbaland
10. Things They Said ft. Scarface prod. Dr.Dre
11. The Grind prod. Timbaland
12. Good Help (Trust) prod. No I.D. & Alchemist
13. Dark Jungle prod. Havoc
14. Battle Chant prod. Dr.Dre & Rick Rubin
15. Predator prod. Alchemist
16. X-Rated prod. Timbaland & Dr.Dre
17. Don't Be Afraid prod. Eminem & Havoc
*Executive Producers: Timbaland & Dr.Dre*

Mobb Deep
Amerikaz Nightmare 2: In GOD We Trust (mixtape)
1. Lords Wept prod. Mike Dean
2. Cold Summer ft. Jay Electronica prod. Alchemist & Mike Dean
3. The Dream prod. Pete Rock
4. The Social Jail ft. Scarface prod. No I.D.
5. Tell You Three Times prod. Havoc
6. Bodega ft. 50 Cent prod. Havoc
7. Guns or Knives ft. Alchemist prod. Alchemist
8. Lessons of the Past ft. Lloyd Banks prod. Alchemist
9. Live Or Die prod. Mobb Deep
10. The Nightmare prod. Mike Dean
11. See No Evil prod. Havoc
12. Organized Crime Wave ft. 50 Cent prod. Havoc
13. Roll The Dice prod. Havoc
14: The Darkest Cypher 2 ft. Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Eminem, Scarface, Jay Electronica, Alchemist prod. Havoc & Alchemist
FyHunnitValentinez A. Kaiser


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    The EMNEM LP
    1. Walk In The Woods (prod. No I.D.)
    2. The Strength (prod. Dr.Dre)
    3. Villains ft. 50 Cent, Dr.Dre (prod. Dr.Dre)
    4. You Me Never (prod. No I.D.)
    5. Lie Through Your Teeth (prod. by Alchemist)
    6. In The Night (prod. Dr.Dre)
    7. The Raven (Never More) ft. Scarface (prod. Mike Dean)
    8. Hailey's Ballad (prod. Rick Rubin)
    9. Fire (prod. Mike Dean)
    10. Until I Return (prod. Eminem)
    11. Fuck It (prod. Dr.Dre)
    12. The Motor City (prod. Eminem)
    13. Letter of Proof (tribute to Proof) (prod. Eminem)
    14. Stand Tall (prod. Dr.Dre)
    16. Die Thrice (prod. Havoc)
    17. Double E ft. Jay Electronica (prod. Dr.Dre)
    18. When It's All Said And Done (prod. Rick Rubin)

    The EMNEM LP Deluxe Edition
    1. Walk In The Woods (prod. No I.D.)
    2. The Strength (prod. Dr.Dre)
    3. Villains ft. 50 Cent, Dr.Dre (prod. Dr.Dre)
    4. You Me Never (prod. No I.D.)
    5. Lie Through Your Teeth (prod. by Alchemist)
    6. In The Night (prod. Dr.Dre)
    7. The Raven (Never More) ft. Scarface (prod. Mike Dean)
    8. Hailey's Ballad (prod. Rick Rubin)
    9. Fire (prod. Mike Dean)
    10. Until I Return (prod. Eminem)
    11. Fuck It (prod. Dr.Dre)
    12. The Motor City (prod. Eminem)
    13. Letter of Proof (tribute to Proof) (prod. Eminem)
    14. Stand Tall (prod. Dr.Dre)
    16. Die Thrice (prod. Havoc)
    17. Double E ft. Jay Electronica (prod. Dr.Dre)
    18. When It's All Said And Done (prod. Rick Rubin)
    19. Off The Wall 2 (prod. Timbaland)
    20. Only Way Out (prod. No I.D.)
    21. One Night Only (prod. Pete Rock)
    22. GOAT ft. Scarface, Dr.Dre, Prodigy, 50 Cent, Jay Electronica (prod. Dr.Dre)

    50 Cent
    Street King
    1. Intro/A Southside Story (prod. Bangladesh)
    2. King of New York (prod. Havoc)
    3. New Day (prod. Dr.Dre)
    4. Black Masks ft. Raekwon (prod Pete Rock)
    5. Laws of Power ft. Pusha T (prod. Timbaland & Dr.Dre)
    6. Aphrodesiac/Black Magic ft. Timbaland & MIA (prod Timbaland)
    7. Third World ft. Usher (prod. T-Minus)
    8. Emotional (prod by Pete Rock)
    9. Dog Tags ft. Schoolboy Q (prod. No I.D.)
    10. Queens Get The Money ft. Lloyd Banks (prod. DJ Premier & Pete Rock)
    11. Never Enough (prod. Mike Dean & Dr.Dre)
    12. She Want It (prod. Dr.Dre)
    13. Home of the Brave (prod. DJ Premier)
    14. Three Headed Monster ft. Eminem, Dr.Dre (prod. Dr.Dre)
    15. Don't Turn On Me (prod. Dr.Dre)
    16. Street King Immortal (prod. No I.D.)
    17. No Mercy ft. Mobb Deep (prod. Havoc)

    Dr. Dre
    1. THERAPY ft. Tyler The Creator prod. Dr.Dre
    2. Remembrance Day ft. 50 Cent, Eminem/Slim Shady prod. Dr.Dre
    3. The Process ft. Mobb Deep, Jay Electronica, 50 Cent (co-produced w/ Alchemist)
    4. The Sion ft. Slim Shady, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hustle prod. Dr.Dre
    5. Light Up on 420 Street ft. Chance The Rapper, Snoop Dogg, Curren$y (co-produced by Mike Dean)
    6. Take Your Pick ft. Schoolboy Q, Ab Soul, Jay Rock, Jhene Aiko, Nipsey Hustle, Pusha T, 50 Cent (co-prod. Mike Dean)
    7. 5 Stages ft. Slim Shady & Tyler The Creator (prod. Eminem)
    8. Problems ft. 50 Cent, The Game, Slim Shady, Tyler The Creator (50 & Game battle) Prod. Dr.Dre
    9. Detox ft. 50 Cent, Eminem prod. Dr.Dre
    10. Inception ft Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Jay Electronica, Mobb Deep, Scarface (co-prod by Rick Rubin)
    11. Black Magic Remix ft. 50 Cent prod Dr.Dre
    12. Guess Whose It Is ft. Jay Electronica prod. Dr.Dre
    12. Return To The Doctor's Office ft. 50 Cent & Eminem prod Dr.Dre
    13. Checkout Time ft. Killer Mike prod. Mike Dean
    14. Conflict ft. Tyler The Creator & Eminem prod. Dr.Dre
    15. The Good Doctor prod. Dr.Dre
    *Executive Producers - Dr.Dre & Mike Dean*

    Lloyd Banks
    Green Currency
    1. The New Yorker prod. Pete Rock
    2. Fast Lanes prod. DJ Premier
    3. Everything I Have prod. Mike Dean
    4. The Coldest Corner prod. Alchemist
    5. Bentley-Rolls prod. Mike Dean
    6. When She Loves ft. Jhene Aiko prod. Timbaland
    7. Shrimp and Lobster ft. Pusha T prod. No I.D.
    8. Dangerous Minds ft. Schoolboy Q prod. Alchemist
    9. Southside ft. 50 Cent (hook) prod. No I.D.
    10. My Turn ft. Action Bronson prod. No I.D.
    11. Time's Square prod. Havoc
    12. MONSTERS prod. Alchemist
    13. Prince of New York prod. Bangladesh

    Jay Electronica
    1. Dear Moleskine prod by Just Blaze
    2. Your Eyes prod by Pete Rock
    2. A Phoenix ft. Lauryn Hill prod by Pete Rock
    3. Black Sheep ft. Scarface prod by Mike Dean
    4. The Force prod by DJ Premier
    5. Go Right Up prod. Alchemist
    6. Walk The Line prod by Dr.Dre
    7. Clouds prod by DJ Premier
    8. PerspectivE ft. Big KRIT prod by No I.D.
    9. Scientific Conspiracy ft. Killer Mike & Jay-Z prod. by DJ Premier
    10. The Minds Eye prod. by Pete Rock

    Jay Electronica
    The Force EP
    1. The Phantom Menace prod. No I.D.
    2. Attack of the Pyramid prod. Alchemist
    3. Jay E's Revenge prod. No I.D.
    4. A New Hope The Skywalker prod. Mike Dean
    5. Magnolia Strikes Back (Steal Magnolias) prod. Rick Rubin
    6. The Return of Timothy Elpadaro Thedford prod. No I.D.
    7. Millenium ft. Scarface prod. Pete Rock

    The Man in Black
    1. The Shadow prod Mike Dean
    2. Southern Love Song prod Mike Dean
    3. Ghetto Boy prod. Pete Rock
    4. Dark Times prod. No I.D.
    5. Life ft. Big KRIT prod. Mike Dean
    6. Mama prod. Alchemist
    7. Alleyway Blues ft. Jay Electronica prod. DJ Premier
    8. Men of Respect ft. Killer Mike prod. Mike Dean
    9. Corner of My Eye prod. No I.D.
    10. Book of War Stories prod. Mike Dean
    11. Looking Out The Window prod. DJ Premier
    12. Will I prod. Pete Rock
    13. Funeral Song ft. Bone Thugs N Harmony co-prod. Rick Rubin & Mike Dean

    The Man in Black EP
    1. Never Broke The Code (G Type Remix) ft. Mobb Deep prod. Alchemist
    2. Ghetto Holocaust prod. Alchemist
    3. Leave No Child Behind prod. Alchemist
    4. Changes prod. Alchemist
    5. The Habit prod. Alchemist

    Mobb Deep
    Volume 1
    1. Welcome To The Mobb prod Alchemist
    2. The Graveyard Shift prod. Havoc
    3. Bloodstains prod. Dr.Dre
    4. My Brother's Keeper (prod. Alchemist and Havoc)
    5. The Root of Evil prod. Havoc
    6. The Shining prod. Havoc
    7. Get Down or Lay Down ft. 50 Cent (Hook) & Lloyd Banks prod. Havoc
    8. Open Casket prod. Alchemist
    9. G.O.D Pt.IV prod. Alchemist
    10. Karma prod. Havoc
    11. The Alley Way prod. Dr.Dre
    12. Nightmare Prayer ft. Scarface & Nas prod. Havoc
    *Executive Produced by Alchemist and Havoc*

    50 Cent x Lloyd Banks x Alchemist
    Queens Get The Money mixtape
    1. Southside Anthem prod. Alchemist
    2. 2 Gunz (Renaissance Rap ENT Diss over Control beat) prod. by No I.D.
    3. PLK Workout (Lloyd Banks freestyle) prod. Alchemist
    4. NY Yonkers prod. Alchemist
    5. The 50th Law prod. Alchemist
    6. G-Unit Forever prod. Alchemist
    7. Fight Night ft. Mobb Deep prod. Alchemist
    8. Paint The City prod. Alchemist
    9. Menace To Society prod. Alchemist
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    Black Cadillac
    1. Intro (prod. Mike Dean)
    2. Joseph's Story (prod. Mike Dean)
    3. What Goes Around Comes Around (prod. Mike Dean)
    4. Black Cadillac (prod. Mike Dean)
    5. Nightmares prod. (Mike Dean & Pete Rock)
    6. Cold Sweat ft. Eminem (prod. Mike Dean)
    7. Stay True (prod. Mike Dean)
    8. 21 Gun Salute (prod. Scarface & Mike Dean)
    9. Mary ft. Jay Electronica (prod. Dr.Dre)
    10. Sundays (No I.D.)
    11. Walking With Wolves (prod. Rick Rubin)
    12. I Heard A Story (prod. Alchemist)
    13. The World Is Yours (prod. Mike Dean)

    Eminem & 50 Cent
    Tracklist Disc 1:
    (Dr.Dre skit)
    1. Outta Your Mind prod. Eminem
    2. You See prod. Eminem
    3. Golden Tips prod. Dr.Dre
    4. EMNEM50 prod. Timbaland
    5. The Enforcer ft. Lloyd Banks (prod. Timbaland)
    6. Hell's Kitchen ft. Prodigy prod. Dr.Dre & Eminem
    7. Maniacal Thoughts prod. Mike Dean
    8. In The Air ft. Scarface prod. Pete Rock
    9. Across Town prod. Havoc

    Tracklist Disc 2:
    10. The Strong Survive prod. Timbaland
    11. Warrior Music prod. Rick Rubin
    12. The Dance prod. No I.D.
    13. Wolves prod. Alchemist
    14. Speed prod. Timbaland
    15. Stomp You Out prod. Dr.Dre
    16. Come Out To Play ft. Dr.Dre prod. Dr.Dre
    17. The Living Daylights ft. Jay Electronica (prod. Timbaland)
    18. Salvation prod. Eminem
    (Eminem & 50 Cent skit/Outro)

    @TonyDubbz - Skyline Records
    Label Roster:
    Rihanna - 25 M
    Jay Z - 175 M
    Andre 300 - 180 M
    Miguel - 30 M
    Big K.R.I.T. - 88 M
    Trey Songz - 9 M
    Kelly Rowland - 15 M
    Swizz Beats
    Big Boi
    Mos Def
    P. Diddy
    The Roots

    AmeriKKKa ft Mos Def
    1. Hand Me The World On A Silver Platter
    2. Justice Served
    3. Unwinding
    4. Retrospect
    5. Love_22
    6. Dedication II You ft. Big Boi
    7. Different World
    8. The American Dream
    9. Guns & Butta ft Black Thought
    10. Bring Me Back Down
    11. Telekenesis
    12. Hallelujah, Amen
    13. More Spread
    14. Forbidden Moves
    15. Hello, My Love We Meet Again

    Jay Z
    1. Child of Marcys (Intro) Prod. by No I.D.
    2. Why Wait ft. P.Diddy Prod. by No I.D.
    3. New Beginnings Prod. by No I.D.
    4. In My Head Prod. by No I.D.
    5. Blu Skies ft. Rihanna Prod. by No I.D.
    6. Cheesecake Prod. by No I.D.
    7.The Gift & The Curse ft. Mos Def Prod. by No I.D.
    8. Questions (Industry diss?) Prod. by No I.D.
    9. Somebody Stop Me Prod. by No I.D.
    10. Soul Shaker (Prod by Swizz Beatz)
    11. Illegitimate ft Black Thought Prod. by No I.D.
    12. We Were Made For This Sh*t ft Trey Songz Prod. by No I.D.
    13. This Is Just Practice Prod. by No I.D.
    14. Underneath The Surface ft. Andre 3000 Prod. by No I.D.
    15. Open Letter Prod. by No I.D.
    16. Out The Park (Outro) Prod. by No I.D.

    Big K.R.I.T
    King Without A Crown
    1. Time Waits For No One (Intro) Prod. by Big K.R.I.T
    2. Sit and Wonder Prod. by Big K.R.I.T
    3. Filthy Animal Freestyle Prod. by Big K.R.I.T
    4. Sweet Heavens (Prod by Pete Rock)
    5. Trunk Poppin, Bass Knockin' Prod. by Big K.R.I.T
    6. Nobody's Fool (Prod by Pete Rock)
    7. The Vent pt II ft Andre 3000 Prod. by Big K.R.I.T
    8. Cradle Prod. by Big K.R.I.T
    9. Swisha Sweets Prod. by Big K.R.I.T
    10. Money Maker ft Rihanna (Prod. by Swizz Beatz)
    11. Grandmas Boy (Prod. by Pete Rock)
    12. Letter to my Unborn (interlude poem)
    13. Gotta Keep Pressin' On ft the Roots (Prod. by Pete Rock)
    14. New Kingdom Prod. by Big K.R.I.T
    15. The Crowning (Mississippi King) ft Jay-Z (Outro) Prod. by Big K.R.I.T

    *Prod by Mos Def & the Roots*
    1. Introduction
    2. Under the Surface
    3. Hate
    4. Menace II Self ft Black Thought
    5. The Influence
    6. Wealth ft Quest Love
    7. Something Different
    8. After Love
    9. Safey ON
    10. Matter of Fact
    11. Just Incase
    12. Solar ft Andre 3000
    13. New Growth
    14. No Love Lust

    1. S.L.U.T Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    2. Days Go By Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    3. 3 A.M./Pick Up The Phone ft. the Weeknd Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    4. It's Yours ft. Trey Songz Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    5. Lesbihonest ft. Chance Tha Rapper Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    6. Cow Girl Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    7. QUEEN ft. Swizz Beats Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    8. Boss' Girl ft. Jay-Z Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    9. House Party Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    10. Ladies Night ft. Kelly Rowland Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    11. Shake ft Mos Def Prod. by Mike Will Made It
    12. Take Me As I Am (Outro) Prod. by Mike Will Made It

    Elevator Muzik
    1. Elevator Muzik(Intro) Prod. by Outkast
    2. Head Honcho (Prod. by Mike Dean)
    3. Sir Mack-a-lot Prod. by Outkast
    4. Act Stupid (Prod. by Mike Dean)
    5. Back in '96 ft Big K.R.I.T Prod. by Outkast
    6. When In Rome (Prod. by Mike Dean)
    7. Southern Simplicity (Prod. Pete Rock)
    8. Higher Grounds ft the Roots (Prod. by Pete Rock)
    9. Boom Bap Prod. by Outkast
    10. In My Wallet ft Mos Def Prod. by Outkast
    11. Save The Day (Prod. by Pete Rock)
    12. Bow Legged Sally Prod. by Outkast
    13. Good Ass Time ft Miguel Prod. by Outkast
    14. Cooley High Prod. by Pete Rock (Prod. by Pete Rock)
    15. Fire Starter Prod. by Outkast

    SkyLine Records Compiliation Album
    *Prod by Swizz Beatz, Big KRIT & Outkast*
    1.) Label Us Winners (Intro) Swizz Beatz ft Mos Def, Black Thought & Jay-Z
    2.) Big KRIT - I'd Rather Ride Slab
    3.) Rihanna ft Miguel - Something To Believe In
    4.) The Roots ft Mos Def - Dead Poets
    5.) Trey Songz - You Can Leave Your Heels On ft Rihanna
    6.) Black Thought ft Mos Def - White Lightning
    7.) The Cypher (Black Thought, Big KRIT, Mos Def, Big Boi, Andre 3000 & Jay-Z)
    8.) Kelly Rowland ft Trey Songz - Gonna Make You Sweat
    9.) Outkast ft Mos Def & Big KRIT- Art of Story Telling Pt.4
    10.) Jay-Z - Smokin' Aces ft Mos Def & Andre 3000
    11.) Miguel ft Big Boi - My Cherie Amor REMIX
    12.) P.Diddy ft Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz - The NOTORIOUS 1's

    The Money Album
    1. Prod. By Swizz Beatz
    2. Intro (Dream Big) ft Big KRIT
    3. Break the Bank ft Rihanna
    4. Hands In The Air ft Swizz Beatz
    5. Coogi Weather
    6. Money & Power ft Jay-Z & The Roots
    7. Fetish ft Rihanna & Andre 3000
    8. Check The Stats
    9. Burning Bridges ft Big Boi
    10. New York x2 ft Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz
    11. When The Sun Shines ft Rihanna
    12. All About The Benjmains pt.II ft Jay-Z
    13. Still Missing You (BIG tribute) ft Kelly Rowland & Trey Songz
    14. Cash Rules Everything (BONUS TRACK) ft Jay-Z & Rihanna

    Love, Miguel
    *Prod. By Miguel*
    Love Letters (Intro)
    Fall Out Of Love
    Sweet Memories ft Kelly Rowland
    Dance The Night Away
    I'm A Fool For You ft Andre 3000
    Stressed Out
    Drunk Love
    Roleplay & Lingerie
    My Cherie Amor
    Under The City Lights

    Trey Songz & Kelly Rowland
    Love Affair
    *Prod. By Miguel*
    1. Strictly For The Lovers (Intro)
    2. Sweet Temptation
    3. Point Of No Return
    4. She Doesn't Know ft Rihanna
    5. Love On The Dashboard
    6. Panty Dropper pt.II
    7. He Doesn't Know ft Miguel
    8. Do You Like I Can
    9. Menage A Trois ft Rihanna
    10. Somebody Loves Ya Baby

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    The Roots
    *Prod. By Quest Love*
    1. Reflections
    2. Round Table
    3. Goodbye
    4. Days Gone By
    5. Fiasco ft Andre 3000
    6. Whats The Word
    7. Exhibition ft Mos Def
    8. Fatality
    9. True Identity
    10. Respect yourself
    11. Smooth Move
    12. All-In

    1. The New Gods (Intro) Prod. by Rick Rubin
    2. Masterminds Prod. by Rick Rubin
    3. Black Republicans Prod. by Rick Rubin
    4. Dead Presidents OG Prod. by Rick Rubin
    5. Dont Let Me Down Prod. by Rick Rubin
    6. Success ft the Roots Prod. by Rick Rubin
    7. So New York ft. 50 Cent Prod. by Rick Rubin
    8. Renegade Pt.II ft. Eminem Prod. by Rick Rubin
    9. Outcasts ft. Outkast (Big Boi & Andre 3000) Prod. by Rick Rubin
    10. Queens Bridge to Marcy Prod. by Rick Rubin
    11. The New 20 Prod. by Rick Rubin
    12. St. Elmo's Fire Prod. by Rick Rubin
    13. 5 Borough Flow ft. Method Man and Raekwon Prod. by Rick Rubin
    14. Heart of the Brave Prod. by Rick Rubin
    15. Once In A Lifetime ft. Kanye West & Rihanna (Hidden track) Prod. by Rick Rubin
  • GovernmentCheeseGovernmentCheese Posts: 2,976 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Icecoldstew or @Jamaica can one of you sticky this? Thanks guys.
  • GovernmentCheeseGovernmentCheese Posts: 2,976 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Sion vs. @Tonydubbz

    Communty vote, best of 3....may the best label win!
  • _Menace__Menace_ 4 MOD West.Side.CaliforniaPosts: 26,415 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Got damn at sions roster every artist has at least 4 solo albums lol this man ain't playing games

    Dubbz finally got Andre to put a solo out
  • IceBergTaylorIceBergTaylor The Spectacular Posts: 18,921 ✭✭✭✭✭
    _Menace_ wrote: »
    Got damn at sions roster every artist has at least 4 solo albums lol this man ain't playing games

    Dubbz finally got Andre to put a solo out

    There you go again.
  • _Menace__Menace_ 4 MOD West.Side.CaliforniaPosts: 26,415 ✭✭✭✭✭
    _Menace_ wrote: »
    Got damn at sions roster every artist has at least 4 solo albums lol this man ain't playing games

    Dubbz finally got Andre to put a solo out

    There you go again.

    With what? Im just saying how much albums everyone has. I'm not even gonna vote
  • TonyDubbzTonyDubbz Realest Nigga Livin' Posts: 18,002 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2013
    I aint wanna over do it with the solo projects & I didn't wanna burn my artist out, I also believe in the saying quality over quantity so I aint even scared!!!
  • SionSion Moderator, Legion of Trill, AHH Content Producer, AHH Editor Posts: 42,274 Regulator
    edited November 2013

    I made it a point to make more albums for my artists to show longevity through my powerful line up of producers, Tony got a good lineup but he aint got the producers I got to keep dropping albums longterm or change the sound to fit the times. That's why I put out more albums & on my projects went from using multiple producers to 1 or 2 main producers. Very hard to drop a Jay-Z, Roots or Kast album consistently if you aint got their usual producers like No I.D., Timbo, Rubin, Dean, Organized Noise, 9th Wonder etc. to carry em. Each round you gotta show why you better than the last so I left no stone unturned.

    The game is about who has the 'Best Label' so I'm tryna fully utilize all my advantages....
  • SionSion Moderator, Legion of Trill, AHH Content Producer, AHH Editor Posts: 42,274 Regulator

    *fist bumps*

    *In T.I. voice * - "May the best man win patna..."
  • FyHunnitFyHunnit I'm Mad Posts: 9,695 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Oh wow, flat out amazing covers @Sion! That Prodigy x Scarface cover was extremely dope. that FNAO2 album cover is flatout extraordinary.
  • SionSion Moderator, Legion of Trill, AHH Content Producer, AHH Editor Posts: 42,274 Regulator
    MadSirius wrote: »
    Oh wow, flat out amazing covers @Sion! That Prodigy x Scarface cover was extremely dope. that FNAO2 album cover is flatout extraordinary.

    Thanks fam and major shout outs to @IceBergTaylor, he came through... you shoulda seen the Prodigy joint he sent me fam GOT DAYUM it's incredible. I couldn't get to Illustrator or Photoshop in time so I had to reach out to the Big Homey to help me out. I might drop it later I'm just tryna gauge the climate first.... I got 2 more albums under wraps but I'm gonna be easy I may not even drop em. I'm playing this one real carefully fam. And some of my deluxe edition covers aint make it in either LOLOL. When the game is over tho I'll drop em so yall can see em.
  • BetaBeta White People Buyin Pitbulls Now.. Posts: 57,055 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2013
    ummmm I dont know what the fuck is goin on guys but shoutout to whoever did all those original album covers..

    I had to save that man in black 2 album cover from face
  • SionSion Moderator, Legion of Trill, AHH Content Producer, AHH Editor Posts: 42,274 Regulator
    edited November 2013
    This was so dope I HAD to drop it......

    Prodigy x Revolutions EP



    1. Underground Dream prod. Pete Rock
    2. Fist to the Air prod. Pete Rock
    3. Chaos prod. Alchemist & Pete Rock
    4. Redemption prod. Pete Rock

    @IceBergTaylor once again thank you fam !!! If anybody got requests just hit me up, whether you need a regular joint or a moving gif I can do it all.....
    just in case the other image breaks, gets choppy or dont show up SMMFH:


    should be same as above image
  • SionSion Moderator, Legion of Trill, AHH Content Producer, AHH Editor Posts: 42,274 Regulator
    edited November 2013
    I got one more album to drop, it's an old one.... gonna wait tho....
  • SionSion Moderator, Legion of Trill, AHH Content Producer, AHH Editor Posts: 42,274 Regulator
    edited November 2013
    Aye yall it's Sunday and we not really asking for much, just a moment of your time to vote. This is the finals for this tournament.

    For those who don't understand it, basically it was a fantasy league for who could put together the best label, we had to bid against each other for artists/do trades in a draft and make album covers & deals. Like a tournament, judges would put labels up against each other and vote on who had the better label and most cohesive (in terms of future sales, critical acclaim, longevity, album covers/tracklist, and roster cohesion). Aint gotta post a long response or nothing, just 3 sentences max explaining your choice.

    If you can tho, all we asking is if you can please try to weigh who's label you think excels in each category & overall who has the better label based on:

    future sales:
    future critical acclaim:
    album covers/tracklist:
    roster/tracklist cohesion:

    ^^^ Here's an example:

    Thanks and enjoy your weekend !

  • DarthRozayDarthRozay Posts: 19,389 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yo I'm sayin Sion all the way. I might be drunk and almost called him Saigon, but that just boosts his realness factor.
  • _Menace__Menace_ 4 MOD West.Side.CaliforniaPosts: 26,415 ✭✭✭✭✭
    This mutha fucka has an album cover that's a gif.. Good god

    cheese give that man the money already
    edited November 2013
    First and foremost, we have to acknowledge the OLYMPIAN , CT FLETCHER LIKE EFFORT made on the covers that match the titles. We can all feel the Pain and Dedication of the wise @sion for his label.
    And once again , his florilege of producers is a proof of consistenency, sustainability and originylity. @sion is what hiphop needs : the will of creating , dearing and advancing.
  • genocidecuttergenocidecutter Posts: 16,153 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2013
    future sales: Sion
    future critical acclaim:Sion
    album covers/tracklist:Sion
    roster/tracklist cohesion:Sion
    overall:Sion. Just give the champ his title
    Im voting Sion. He has a mobb deep album on his label. Whats else is there to say
  • VIBEVIBE Posts: 52,040 ✭✭✭✭✭
    future sales: @Sion has the heavyweights; Em, Dre & 50 who all would sell big #'s. Jay Electronica would do really well and so would Timbaland. Only ones I see selling big for @TonyDubbz would be Jay Z and Rihanna. But nothing compared to Sions line up of #'s.

    future critical acclaim: TonyDubbz. Sion has a line-up with less of a "future".

    longevity:TonyDubbz. He has the younger roster, all whom can still sell at a decent rate to keep the label alive. With Sions guys' nearing their end, I don't see Sions guys having that much longevity.

    album covers/tracklist: Sion, easily.

    roster/tracklist cohesion:

    can't lie, both are good rosters for different reasons. Sion has the hip hop lineup, the guys who will sell well as always. Dubbz has a bit of a younger roster, so they have the longevity. So what's better? The roster for the long run or the roster who can sell big for now? I'll have to go with Dubbz. It's more promising.

    Track list cohesion would go for Sion.

    overall: I want to be bias and pick Sion due to an awesome label that is hip hop oriented. The hip hop heavyweight label is a lot more appealing but they're all old and none of them are really in their prime. Exception would be Jay Elec.

    They're nearing the point where a full feature album from them isn't necessary anymore.

    Dubbz has Songz, Krit, RiRi, Miguel - all young and hot artists who will have the longevity.

    Do I vote for what I want? Or vote for what will be better business wise?

    I'm gonna assume business. @TonyDubbz wins.

  • PurrPurr Evil Chuck Season. Jumpman jumpman Jumpman dat girl up to something!!!Posts: 32,299 ✭✭✭✭✭
    someone explain this thread to me.
    Business is about longevity. Enough with the 100 meters dash label Toney Dubbz 'z.

    Future sales : @sion. No need to expand here by naming the monsters of his label. Just adding the key fact of very long term sales and in extenso lots of royalties. Royalties are the vitamins of a great label and what distinguish Def Jam with No Limit.

    Future sales : @sion cause he got artists that will transmitt their flames through sub labels controled by @sion 's to young succesfull artists. Again, the remasterings , the remix will bring again lots of royalty cash.
    Rihanna doesnt have that hability. Dre brought Eminem, helped K. Lamar. What about Jay - z?

    Longevity : the two aformentioned criterias give an overwhelming advantage to @sion.

    Album cover / tracklist : @sion . Though i respect the passion and work for @tonydubbz. But deep inside him he knows that sion has acomplished a great , great work.

    Roster / tracklist cohesion : @sion

    people look at all the combinations. Ok its for the better or worse, but one flash of creativity will blind and inspire @tonydubbz ' roster for a decade.

    Thats brings us to

    Overall : @sion roster of artists/producers/sub label owner will surely give the pace to the industry. Indirectly they will force @toneydubbz 's roster to slightly copy them because of their names , impact to the game, classics .
    Creativity is the oil of talent. @sion has made the choice of tanking with that.

    Toneydubbz label is Lob city. Sion ' s is San antonio spurs aka everlasting quality , not always first but always top 5.

    Krit s flame is commercially gone. Dre Em are immortal.

    I go for creativity and sustainable big business.
    I go for the wise sion
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