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    Just one more vote for the homie @sion and its a wrap. Great game!

    I'm ready to play again!
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    future sales..sion- em and dre will always have future sales....people lov dre's sound and white people love em
    future critical acclaim- sion- em will always have the anticipation factor
    longevity- sion- rick rubin will always have respect in the game. so will em. but tim has the crossover appeal that takes the pop fans. skyline really doesnt have longevity...they have more of a current trend type thing going that can be replaced with anyone except maybe rihanna and diddy wont have musical longevity but will mkae money in other ways.
    album covers/tracklist, skyline got this.....can you say slut?lol
    roster/tracklist cohesion. sion.....em, 50 and dre is a three headed monster that will destroy jay and rihanna anyday

    so sion gets my i not even
  • SionSion Moderator, Legion of Trill, AHH Content Producer, AHH Editor Posts: 42,738 Regulator
    Shout outs to the cats who dropped votes tho, for those posting up or lurking aye yall gotta explain why you chose the person you chose.
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    Sion Records wins the community vote 4 - 1 and now leads SkyLine Records 1- 0
    The community vote is over now and only votes from judges will count for the rest of the match.

    @Sion 1 - @Tonydubbz 0 Best of 7

    Judges, ya'll can vote now.
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    this whole time its been community votes? lol this been going on for a week now.
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    future sales: both teams have heavy sales hitters, and em and dre would prolly sell a lot, but the rest of sion label trending downward in terms of sales imo, gotta give the slight edge to dubbz, jay and rhianna prolly can still go plat, outkast would get a great response, miguel too, songz and diddy may still have star power
    future critical acclaim: gotta give the edge to sion, not the biggest fan of face, em, banks, or electronica but they would probably get a lot of high critical acclaim marks, of course outkast jay krit and mos def can compete with em but sion just came with too much heat here lol
    longevity: i give the edge to dubbz here, more albums that i can see hitting with a bigger portion of the mainstream and lasting a bit younger, sion has some that can hit with the mainstream but ion see em lasting with them as long plus the artists are a bit past their prime outside of maybe electronica, and ion even see electronica hittin the mainstream
    album covers/tracklist: Sion wins here, he just went all out lol, dubbz had some dope ones but he had a couple below avg ones as well
    roster/tracklist cohesion: i give sion the edge here, he really had the right producers for the right rappers on his roster, not saying dubbz didnt but if i were listening i might like a lil bit more mixture of the producers used on certain albums
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    _Menace_ wrote: »
    this whole time its been community votes? lol this been going on for a week now.

    I learned from this game so I'll be able to make adjustments for the next one. For ex. Imma change the community vote to best of 3 which will definitely speed things up.
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    Will vote later on tonight.
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    @sion wins 4 - 0 what a good match, posters better not let the score fool them. Mods can close this now.
  • SionSion Moderator, Legion of Trill, AHH Content Producer, AHH Editor Posts: 42,738 Regulator
    I'm gonna leave the thread up just until Sunday evening and I will unstick it and put it in the archives fam !!!
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