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    Conway teacher arrested after alleged relationship with student
    By: WMBF News Staff

    CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – A teacher at Conway High School was arrested Tuesday after an investigation determined that she engaged in inappropriate behavior with a student for over a year.

    Courtney Ruth Martin, 26, of Aynor, turned herself in to police on November 5 and was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to a news release from the Conway Police Department. An investigation determined that while employed as a teacher at Conway High School, Martin engaged in the inappropriate behavior with one of her students between August 23, 2012 and October 29, 2013.

    For many students, it isn't the age difference bothering them about the allegations against the teacher; they're worried about the abuse of power as an educator

    "She's a grown woman and he's a student," said student Mason Fletcher. "That's not something she should be doing. She's taking advantage of him, and he's just young and naïve and doesn't realize it."

    According to the police report, the school received an anonymous complaint alleging Martin was in an improper relationship with the student, and that they planned to have sex. The caller alleged that Martin had sent photos of her body parts.

    "I could never imagine getting a picture like that from a male or even female teacher," said student Katie Lee. "They should both know better, even though he is underage"

    Police interviewed Martin and the student, who both denied any involvement with each other. The student later admitted they were in a relationship, advising that he would go to her classroom during lunch or after school and they would hug, kiss and talk.

    Martin was issued a contract in July 2010 and has taught English at Conway High School since then, according to district spokeswoman Teal Britton.

    Martin was placed on administrative leave on October 29, and remains on leave. Police released her on a $5,000 bond.


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    School assistant could face jail over sex video with 16-year-old Belfast pupil at St Mary’s Christian Brothers Boy’s Grammar School

    A former classroom assistant who allegedly made a sex tape with a Belfast schoolboy that ended up on a pornographic website could face up to five years in prison for ‘abuse of trust’ if charged and convicted.

    Jo O'Neill-McBurney (21), from Crumlin, Co Antrim, was suspended from St Mary’s Christian Brothers Boy’s Grammar School in west Belfast after a 30-minute sex video, featuring her and a teenager, thought to be a 16-year-old, emerged on the internet. It’s understood the footage, believed to have been recorded by the pair in April, has in recent weeks been viewed more than 6,000 times on a free website. It is not known who uploaded the graphic footage to the site. The age of consent for sexual activity in Northern Ireland is 16, however it is illegal for anyone in a position of trust to engage in sexual activity with a person under 18 years of age. The offence can carry up to five years in prison. Ms O’Neill-McBurney is currently being investigated by police for an abuse of trust. A PSNI spokesman said: “Police can confirm they received a report of an incident in April 2013.

    “This is subject to an ongoing police investigation and as such it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

    PSNI child protection officers got involved in the case after another pupil at St Mary's alerted a member of staff to the explicit video.

    Ms O'Neill-McBurney was immediately suspended and has since left her job. The teenager in the film left St Mary’s in the summer after completing his exams. A statement from St Mary’s said: “(The school) became aware of an allegation that concerned one of its former pupils (and) immediately implemented relevant safeguarding measures in collaboration with all appropriate agencies. “A staff member was immediately placed on a precautionary suspension and is no longer employed.” A friend of Ms O'Neill-McBurney told the Sunday Life she has been left distraught by the episode. “Jo has been devastated by this,” the source said. “She has made repeated attempts to have the video removed from the website but has had no success.“She is incredibly frustrated, hurt and frightened.”




    A link to the video was not made available at post time.
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    Welcome back, Peruvian puff pepper.
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    The Massachusetts Senate has voted to raise the state’s minimum wage from $8 to $11 per hour by 2016 and tie subsequent increases to inflation.
    By STEVE LeBLANC / Associated Press

    BOSTON (AP) — The bill, approved by a 32-7 vote Tuesday, would increase the wage for the state’s lowest-paid workers in increments over the next three years, starting in July 2014. After 2016, future increases would be linked to the Consumer Price Index for the Northeast. There are currently 10 other states that index their minimum wages to the rate of inflation. The bill now heads to the state House. Gov. Deval Patrick has expressed general support for the idea of increasing the state’s minimum wage. The state’s minimum wage has not changed since 2008 and isn’t automatically adjusted for inflation. The legislation also would require the state’s minimum wage to always be at least 50 cents higher than the federal minimum, which is $7.25 per hour.

    During the debate, senators approved an amendment that would raise the minimum wage for tipped employees to half of the minimum wage for other workers. The minimum wage for tipped employees like waiters is $2.63 per hour in Massachusetts. Backers of the higher wage point out that an individual earning a minimum wage and trying to support a family often has to rely on federal benefits like food stamps to help make ends meet.

    ‘‘Hard working people working full time and being paid our minimum wage now are living in poverty,’’ said Sen. Dan Wolf, D-Harwich. ‘‘Raising the minimum wage is an important step to rebalancing our top-heavy economy.’’ Senate Republicans said they backed some increase, but said the minimum wage can’t be taken out of context.

    They said other actions are needed including lowering the cost of health care, easing up the cost of unemployment insurance for businesses, and increasing training opportunities to help workers get better-paying jobs. ‘‘We are continuing to take a myopic view of how to help low wage workers,’’ said Sen. Bruce Tarr, R-Gloucester. ‘‘We shouldn’t hold the minimum wage up as a thing to aspire to.’’ Business groups have warned that the higher wage might force employers to pass on the cost to consumers or cut worker benefits. Those opposed to the increase also said it could inadvertently hurt teenagers trying to land summer or part-time jobs, effectively pricing them out of the labor market.

    Critics of the increase in the minimum wage for tipped workers said it could harm the owners of restaurants that typically operate on narrow profit margins.

    The vote comes a day after a group backing proposed ballot questions that would increase the state’s minimum wage and require all workers be given earned sick time said it has collected about 270,000 signatures from Massachusetts residents, nearly four times the number needed to put the question before voters next year.

    Massachusetts currently has the third highest minimum wage in New England behind Connecticut ($8.25) and Vermont ($8.60).

    Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and state Treasurer Steven Grossman — both of whom are running for the Democratic nomination for governor next year — said they also support increasing in the minimum wage.
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    Never queue in a pub again! Order drinks from your MOBILE with new app... and even have a round waiting when you arrive

    To queue or not to queue: that has always been the question when it comes to going for drinks in a bar or pub.

    Do you risk losing your table (and your mind) jostling for position behind rival boozers, or do you hang on until the queue dies down... only to watch it build up once more as your thirst becomes more extreme?

    But fret no more! Now there's Orderella, a new UK-based app to help you solve this age-old dilemma by allowing you to use your mobile phone to order drinks.

    The Orderella app - currently being used in the Keyworth Tavern, Keyworth, Nottingham, and due to be rolled out nationwide from next month - lets pub-goers place their orders for drinks online and be alerted when the bartender has made them.

    And you can even do this from home, meaning when you arrive at the pub there will be a nice chilled round waiting for you and your friends at your table.

    Andy Crawford, operations director of the Pub People Company, which owns the Keyworth Tavern, told The Express: 'The way you order drinks in a pub hasn't changed for a thousand years. This is trying to get away from the Luddite mentality towards change in pubs.

    'But customers will still be able to have friendly contact with pub staff. I think it's an extension of the relationship. Don't forget, the drink will be brought to the table by a member of staff.'

    When a customer orders drinks the barman is notified via his iPad, and when he starts making drinks the customer receives a message. He receives another when the drinks are ready.

    Keyworth Tavern manager Adrian Clarke said the app is working well, and that 'people are always more comfortable when they're sat at their table than when they're stood at the bar'.

    He added: 'When you have to go to the bar, you have to break that conversation mid-flow. With this, the conversation doesn't stop.'

    Orderella's chief operating officer Jamal Hirani said the app should enhance the social drinking experience: 'It's about enhancing customer service, it's not taking away the customer's ability, when the pub's empty, to go to the bar and talk to the barman. It makes life a little easier.'
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    Vice principal 'had custodian transferred after he broke up with her'

    A high school custodian has accused the former vice principal of having him transferred because he ended their affair. Jamaal Winchester, 33, has filed a sexual harassment complaint against Liz Wilson, saying she stalked him and took steps to have him temporarily moved to another school with fewer working hours as punishment. 'The reason I was transferred was because I rejected Ms. Wilson's advances,' he wrote in his filing with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI). 'She knew I needed overtime hours and knew I needed my job.'

    The Oregonian reported the pair worked together at Madison High School in Portland, Oregon. They secretly started dating in January and Winchester moved in with Wilson. He was in a long-term relationship with the mother of his children at the same time. But a month later, the district found out about the affair and the couple were called into the principal's office. That's when Winchester 'left Ms. Wilson’s house and returned to the mother of his children,' the complaint says. But Winchester, 33, alleges his former lover wouldn't let it go, and kept calling, texting and visiting him to get back together.

    'Ms. Wilson approached Mr. Winchester nearly every day during work in the cafeteria to tell him that he should reconsider his decision about their relationship,' Winchester claims. 'One evening, Ms. Wilson called Mr. Winchester around midnight and, when Mr. Winchester did not answer, left a voicemail saying, 'What a n*****'.'

    The couple briefly took up their relationship again. Then, in late February, when Winchester went to visit his children, Wilson allegedly followed him in a car. After confronting her, he moved out of her house. But Winchester said his fling continued to make contact, even though he insisted they just stay friends. He claimed Wilson continually approached him at school and claims his supervisor was aware of the 'harassment'. In March, Winchester and the mother of his children encountered Wilson and a friend at a restaurant. Wilson alleges Winchester and his companion yelled at her and called her a home-wrecker, according to The Oregonian.

    Wilson then filed a restraining order against Winchester.

    Although the claim was dismissed on April 1, Winchester says the damage was done. He had been transferred to another school and given 20 less working hours a week. Winchester was allowed to return to Madison on August 26. The custodian also alleges the district delayed his return to Madison in retaliation for the initial sexual harassment complaint. Wilson has been transferred to Marysville School, a Southeast Portland K-8 building, where she is the assistant principal. Winchester said the district painted Wilson's transfer in a positive light, whereas he felt humiliated. BOLI is investigating the case, which was filed in June. In a statement, Portland Public Schools Chief Human Resources Officer Sean Murray said the district 'addressed the matter appropriate to the circumstances with both employees at the conclusion of its investigations.'

    'As this is a personnel matter, the district has no further information to provide at this time,' he wrote. Winchester’s attorney, Jon Weiner, said his client believed it was unfair he was being punished for ending the relationship. 'The district really aided and abetted that when the district had an opportunity to make everything right in a timely manner,' he said, according to The Oregonian. Weiner said Winchester will =pursue a lawsuit unless the district settles.

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    First in line: The World's Tallest Waterslide Looks as Terrifying As It Sounds


    by: Neetzan Zimmerman
    Just how insane is the record-setting waterslide currently being erected at the Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark? Let's just say they didn't name it Verruckt (that's German for "insane") for nothing.

    Dubbed "the world’s tallest, fastest and most extreme waterslide," the VERRUCKT MEG-A-BLASTER will reportedly "tower" over the current tallest waterslide — Brazil's 134.5-foot tall "Insano."

    The final height will be formally announced once construction has been completed.

    Not insane enough for you? You might think differently once you're "speed sliding" down the Verruckt at over 65 miles per hour with three of your buddies.

    That's right: The Meg-A-Blaster is a four-person raft slide with an extra hump thrown in for good measure.

    Announced last year and originally slated to open this year, the project is now expected to be completed in time for Opening Day 2014.

    "This new MEG-A-BLASTER speed-slide is going to wow our guests and is going to be a game changer for our industry," Schlitterbahn co-owner Jeff Henry said in a statement. "Our greatest challenge will be to find thrill seekers brave enough to ride."
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    I quit email, from some person who was an auditor. TLDR full of feelings (and ether?)

    Here's the entire email (with all names redacted):

    Date: 11/06/2013 10:44 AM

    Subject: Farewell and QUEEN BEY ALL DAY!

    Hello XXXXXX Team,

    After careful consideration, I will be ending my employment with PwC effective Monday, November 11th.

    I've done two audit internships, one at Deloitte and one at PwC. I hated it then but I thought I'd give it a third try. Third time's a charm right? GTFOH(If you don't know what it means Google it!) Basically, my time here as an associate has confirmed everything I already knew ten times over. Auditing is a job for people who truly don't have any other options and don't know what else they could be doing. You work day in and day out pulling useless documentation and filling out useless workpapers that won't really benefit anybody. All of it is BS! After asking dozens upon dozens of auditors what they think of their jobs and getting responses that include "I love my job!" or "I wouldn't trade it for the world," I realized just how fake auditors can be.

    I strongly believe that auditors hate their lives and try to rationalize every piece of it. "Oh it's just busy season" or "If everybody did the jobs they loved to do then there would be nobody doing the jobs that need to be done." Measley excuses to justify pursuing a useless, meaningless career....

    Here are some tips and pointers I thought I'd share for all of you to use through out life, you'll need it. I also throw some tips in there that you can take back to the next XXXXXX Team Meeting or just any meeting where real people's suggestions can be heard. Maybe a board meeting of some sort with some really important partners, because they're so important right? (side eye)

    I figure I would use the assistance of Twitter hashtags....y'all like those right?

    Auditing is for the birds, get a real career that has meaning #dontbeFAKEaboutitbeABOUTit
    Those coach and partner "relationships" or "meetings"....whatever you want to call them....Just stop. #thatishissoawkward #icantdeal #soforced #fakeconvosforfakeauditors #noidontwanttogazeintoyoureyesatatablefortwo #waytoointimateformytaste

    Let's keep it real, partners are treated as if they're royalty. The reality is, THEY'RE NOT! They are average Joe's like you and I, only their pockets are a little bigger. So, there is no need to wait at the partner's feet acting like you'll do any and everything to please them. For what? No need to come in early just to greet the partner on the job. No need to act like you're such an overachiever by doing all of these unnecessary things. If you're an overachiever, be a real one..not a phony. No need to wait until the partner leaves during busy season only to leave 20 minutes later.

    Your time is just as valuable, are the partners God? I don't think so...#don'tbeasellout #thepartnerisgoinghometoeathisorherwarmsupper #whileyouarefakeauditng #weallknownooneisproductiveafterabout7pm #gohomeandcuddleupwithyourkids #ohandspousestoo #isntthatwhatthepartnersaredoing? #ohwellsIdigress

    Trying to get all in people's business...STOP! Everybody isn't an open book and I'm not the type to give you my life story within five minutes as a lot of you in public accounting do. #mindyourbusiness #keepthosenoseyquestionstoyourself #noneofyourbeeswax

    XXXXXX, you're fake important and you stink. I've peeped your game...constantly trying to throw me under the bus. You talk too much about everyone and how much you're so stressed out on all of your clients ...everyday we suffer from hearing this ish as well as listening to your countless stories about your girlfriend. You're such a gossiper that sometimes I think you're more feminine then you appear. Who does that? You're a grown man, get your life! #somethingtotakebacktomizzy #f*outtahere #yourlifesucksandyouclearlyknowit #somethingtotakebacktotheteam? #chattycathy #femininemuch? #someoneneedstheirvagwaxed #ohwaityoudonthaveone

    P.s. XXXXXX, I can give two shits about your animals, maids, brother, etc. Is your life really that boring? Never seen people so in love with animals in life. #ewwnotcomingovertoyourplace #probsmellslikefecesandthrowup #couchesprobtornup #ohletmeguesstheysleepinyourbed #absolutelydisgusting | Get some friends to tell your business to. #ohwaitdrakesaidnonewfriends #maybeyouneedjesusinstead #yourvisionofyourselfisskewed #takeyourselfdownacoupleofnotches #youhavenotarrivedimsorry #crownforthequeenbey #ohandbythewaycelinedioncannottouchbey #beyhivebitches

    XXXXXX, I saw you yesterday giving me the side eye. I think those eyeballs need some readjusting. Girl, stop! Don't play into XXXXXX's episodes. Just because both of you feel the need to give your whole life story doesn't mean other people will feel that way. Have your own opinions and ideas. #I'msorrybutnotsorry #dontbeafollower #thoseeyeballswerestaringtoohardforcomfort #goodluckonyourmiserablecrapofacareeratpwc #saygoodbyetoyoursociallife #butifyoudecidetoleaveyoucantwerkoutwiththerestofus #twerkmileymileytwerk

    XXXXXX, where do I start? You hate yourself and your job, let's be honest. Your cat doesn't care about you so stop caring about it. Stories about your nasty cat are unbearable. Seriously, I can't even deal. Beyond gross! You're fake ratchet! I hear you giving weird remarks that are borderline weird....I can definitely hear the twang in your voice. Just be you! Most of all, these are the top 10 reasons Baddie Bey(Beyonce) will kill Britney Spears (she's a has been) any day.

    Beyonce can sing and dance live without lip singing and do it well. She doesn't need autotune or a background track to make her the Queen. All she needs is a mic, some heels, and her fabulous Brazilian and Malaysian wig to swing around. Can't say the same for Britt. Sorry girl!
    Beyonce has much more class.
    Beyonce's music transcends culture. Britt....uh....well, that stopped a few world tours ago.
    Beyonce has continued to get better and better over time. Her vocals are stronger than ever. Not to mention, after popping out Baby Blue she was back at it. She didn't get all washed up and boring like Britt did.
    Beyonce is on some presidential ish. Didn't you watch President Obama and First Lady Michelle's first dance? Or the inauguration performance? Haven't you kept up with the Let's Move campaign (Bey and First Lady Michelle's initiative to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity? ) Well, Bey has been on! Britt has stayed in the shadows. #sorrybutnotsorry #getyourlife
    Beyonce killed the Superbowl half time show solo dolo. Britt and NSYNC did that back in the 90s...but that was the 90s...and she wasn't solo Bey wins!
    Beyonce can dance her butt off. She has rythym. Britt used to be able to ...but she is stiff now. I'm sorry..
    Beyonce has stage presence. I don't think you know what that is but you can Google it. It's basically something Britt doesn't have.
    Beyonce is the QUEEN. She is the best performer alive. Bottom line, no gimmicks!
    Beyonce wins and now that I'm out of here, I win too!!! #doingtheharlemshakeasitype
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    Mom Gives Kids Homemade Lunch, School Forces Them to Eat Ritz Crackers
    By: Neetzan Zimmerman

    A mom who thought she was properly parenting by sending her two young kids to school with a homemade, whole-food lunch was shocked to find a penalty note from school officials informing her that the lunch of roast beef, potatoes, carrots, oranges and milk she provided was "unbalanced" and therefore had to be supplemented with Ritz crackers.

    She was also fined $10.

    According to Weighty Matters, the Manitoba Government's Early Learning and Child Care department blindly follows a policy which requires lunches to be "balanced" according to "Canada's awful Food Guide."

    Unbalanced lunches are subject to supplementation and a fine of CDN$5 (US$4.80) per "missing item" per child.

    In Kristen Bartkiw's case, she "neglected" to include "grains" with Natalie and Logan's packed lunches — a "dereliction" that was "corrected" through the "supplementation" of Ritz crackers.

    According to the nutrition facts found on its homepage, a serving of Ritz crackers (~10 crackers) contains 6.5g of fat, of which nearly half is saturated.

    To drive home the ridiculousness of the policy, Kristen tells Weighty Matters she could have sent her kids to daycare with "microwave Kraft Dinner and a hot dog, a package of fruit twists, a Cheestring, and a juice box," and it would have been met with approval by the MCCA.

    As a follow-up, Kristen notes that other parents falling short of Manitoba's policy has resulted in the creation of a hot lunch program, which she described as "great."

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    These people are drunk and outta control playing these 2007 ass songs
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    Lonely Man Hacks Off Own Sex Organ After Failing to Find Love
    By: Neetzan Zimmerman

    A desperately lonely man who was unable to find a girlfriend decided he had no more use for his penis — and proceeded to cut it off.

    Yang Hu, 26, from the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, had been battling depression over his inability to find love when he made the decision to slice off his manhood this past Sunday night after work.

    Friends of Yang said the long hours he had been putting in at a local clothing factory convinced the man he would never find the time to meet a woman.

    Hoping to curb his desire for a partner and believing his penis to be useless, Yang made the fateful truncation, only to quickly regret it.

    He reportedly grabbed his bicycle and rode to a nearby hospital, but soon realized he had left his missing member at home.

    He cycled back to retrieve it, but by the time he returned to the hospital it was too late.

    Yang's friends blamed the hospital for literally adding insult to injury by failing to send an ambulance to collect Yang's personal belongings in lieu of telling him to go ride a bike.

    "Natural" Diet Supplements Full of All Types of Crazy Speed
    By: Hamilton Nolan

    If there's anything Americans enjoy almost as much as gobbling fried foods topped with Cheez, it's gobbling menacingly-named "diet supplements" in a desperate attempt to lose weight. Today, more evidence that Who Knows What The Hell Is Even In That Crap?

    In what has become a regularly recurring story, USA Today reports that the FDA went and tested 21 of those "all natural" diet supplements in a real live science lab, and discovered that nine of the 21 contained beta-methylphenethylamine, a "'non-natural' amphetamine-like compound." Supplement companies say it is natural, because it comes from a plant called Acacia rigidula, but the FDA disputes that.

    The data indicates that "all natural" products such as Fastin-XR, Stimerex, Lipodrene Hardcore, and Dexaprine XR may be adulterated with amphetamines. But they sounded so natural! What next? Will we find out that crystal meth is not an all natural substance, as well?


    Stick with NO-Xplode, kids. Or just, you know, run around the block.
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    Cancer Patient Banned from Daughter's School Due to Her "Smell"


    An Albuquerque mother says her daughter's elementary school principal banned her from school grounds for the way she smells. Kerri Mascareno was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in August, and while she's undergoing chemotherapy to shrink her tumor, she's also struggling with the administration at Tierra Antigua Elementary.

    According to Mascareno, the school's principal, Robert Abney, told her last week that she could no longer visit the school:
    "He just said he knows this is going to hurt my feelings and he understands where I'm coming from because his mother had breast cancer and she had the same exact smell and I can no longer be in the school and that with me being in the school that I made his employees ill," she said.
    She claims that when she moved outside, the principal went to his window and told her to move farther away. "He just said that he would have to ask me to sit in my car because he could smell me through the window," Mascareno said.

    According to KOB4, Abney refused to answer questions Wednesday and directed all questions to the school district's spokespeople. But Mascareno showed the local news an email from Abney telling her she would be allowed to go to the school's upcoming Thanksgiving lunch if she and her daughter sat in Abney's office instead of the cafeteria. After reporters questioned the principal, Mascareno received a Wednesday evening phone call saying she could eat in the cafeteria.

    But the Thanksgiving lunch was held on Thursday and Mascareno decided not to attend, instead choosing to spend the day at home with her daughter Lynsey. "It's precious," Mascareno said. "Every little time is precious being with them."
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    Lawmaker Wants Library to Lose Funding for Teaching 'Mexicans' English
    By: Neetzan Zimmerman

    Residents of Louisiana's Lafourche Parish will vote this Saturday on a controversial ballot proposal to use money currently financing the local library system in order to construct a brand new $25 million jail. Lafourche Parish Council members support the measure, which will see the library lose $800,000 out of its $6.4 million budget every year for the next 30 years, but no local lawmaker is more supportive than Parish Council Chair Lindel Toups. Speaking with the Tri-Parish Times, Toups insisted that the library has "too much money," and the so-called "jail tax" proposal allows for the funding of a 540-bed jail without raising taxes on parish citizens.

    But for Toups, defunding the library is a necessary measure, irrespective of the rededication of funds. "They’re teaching Mexicans how to speak English," he said, referring to one library's Hispanic-language section, Biblioteca Hispana. "Let that son of a bitch go back to Mexico." "Mexicans" are the only ones "abusing" the system, per Toups. "There’s just so many things they’re doing that I don’t agree with," he said. "Them junkies and hippies and food stamps (recipients) and all, they use the library to look at drugs and food stamps (on the Internet). I see them do it.” According to the parish's "jail consultant," Mike LeBlanc of MWL Architects, the new jail is necessary in order to alleviate the overcrowding in the current jail, which is in a very poor state and is housing 145 inmates more than the 100 it was built to accommodate.

    But Toups has what some might consider a conflict of interest in wanting to see a bigger, better jail built near the site of the old one. Toups' son and grandson were both incarcerated following a 2009 arrest on meth and other drug related charges. Library officials say the diversion of funds will severely impact the services provided by the system as cuts are made and the budget deficit balloons. A fact sheet released by the Lafourche Parish Public Library notes that some 43% percent of households in Lafourche Parish are not currently hooked up to the Internet and rely on the library for free Internet access.

    Additionally, some 52% of all parish households are library card holders. "If you take $800,000 away from our budget every year for 30 years, that's $24 million," library system director Laura Sanders told WVUE. "We will have to make cuts."
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    SHOUT OUT TO @young_chitlin !!!
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    Lol I ain't reading NONE of this shit. Horrible idea
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    Brooklyn Hospital Falsely Told People They Were HIV-Positive
    By: Gabrielle Bluestone

    According to a new whistleblower lawsuit, lab technicians at the Kings County Hospital Center have repeatedly incorrectly told healthy people that they were HIV-positive and told some people who had tested positive for Hepatitis C that they were healthy.

    And, according to the suit, another patient may have died due to the hospital's failure to report his blood-level changes.

    The whistleblower, 51-year-old Lilli Hutchison, has worked in the lab for 23 years and apparently began trying to report the problems as far back as 2002.

    Instead of addressing the issues, however, Hutchison says she was retaliated against; supervisors were rude, she was denied training, she was assaulted, she was transferred to other departments, and denied promotions, even though the hospital desperately needed lab technicians.

    In 2011, Hutchison notified the Department of Health, which investigated and substantiated her claims.

    The hospital received multiple violations, and Hutchison says that in retaliation, her superiors accused her of workplace violations and suspended her for several days.
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    Anally on Pedo Teacher
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    America: We're Fucking Poor, and We're Fucking Scared


    The Washington Post has done a poll that shows lower-income workers are terrified they will lose their awful jobs. Then it interviewed one of those workers, who commutes three hours a day for $5.25 an hour:

    "I can't save money," he said recently, "to buy the things I need to live as a human being."

    Happy Thanksgiving, America. Try not to think about the "unprecedented economic anxiety" that we're suffering [emphasis added]:

    More than six in 10 workers in a recent Washington Post-Miller Center poll worry that they will lose their jobs to the economy, surpassing concerns in more than a dozen surveys dating to the 1970s. Nearly one in three, 32 percent, say they worry "a lot" about losing their jobs, also a record high...

    Are you one of the perpetually vocationally insecure? It's far more acute among workers who make less than $35,000: A majority of those low-earners seriously fear for their jobs, which is 46 percent more than were worried in similar polls during recessions in 1992 and 1975. Higher earners are more insecure than they used to be, too. Just less so than the poorer.

    What does it mean to "lose a job to the economy," exactly? It sounds like a natural mechanism, as if the laws of science ordain it: action, reaction. Interest rates move this way, earnings move that, and the shifting between them sheds jobs, like the earth sighing out hot liquid rock when tectonic plates bump.

    But the economy doesn't fire anyone; executive boards and operations officers and middle managers do—people who either are under orders to lay off company-building paycheck-earners for "the good of the company," or are members of the elite cadre that gets to define "the good of the company," usually in terms that ensure not economic survival or long-term growth, but maximized shareholder value.

    Somehow, along the way, America's poorest, hardest-working, least-secure citizens accepted this elision: Their jobs are endangered not by the avarice of the management or investors who exploited them in the first place, but by periodic indigestion in the mysterious guts of this cosmic clock known as The Economy. This economy, man. It's the economy, stupid. Can't anyone fix this economy?

    But don't you see? It's already been fixed. Just not for you. Enjoy your green bean casserole and pumpkin spoon bread. Maybe invite some other poors over for a taste
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