Soulja Slim, underrated rapper

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I'm making this thread in honour of Soulja Slim. November 26 it'd be a decade since he was murdered. After Mac he was the best rapper on No Limit during their prime. Soulja Slim was necessarily the most lyrical rapper but like Pac or DMX to a lesser extent he could make you feel his rhymes. He could bring his thoughs across very well.

I honestly believe he would be large if he didn't get murdered. Eventhough he went too soon, his discography was great IMO. I own most of his albums and copped a few mixtapes. Only weak point in his discography is his production after he left No Limit. I think it had alot to do with budget. With a bigger budget and better production his post-No Limit albums would be even better.

My favorite track from Soulja Slim gotta be "Soulja 4 Life" from "Streets Made Me". This joint was like the soundtrack to my life. I don't even know how many times I spinned this track. Came out 12 years ago, but it's still dope to me. It's like I could've written this joint if I was a rapper. I already liked Soulja Slim and liked "Give it to 'em raw" but this made me a real fan.

One of the best rappers that never got his due IMO. A real complete rapper that knew how to craft a song and a cohesive album. If you're a fan like me, come and pay your respects and post your favorite Soulja Slim track.


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