Create Your Own Label [2014 Edition] Vol. 2

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Create Your own Label Vol. 1 winner: @Sion - Sion Records

The goal of the game is to make the best label possible, I auction artist and players will bid on them. Each participant will start with a budget of $300 million for their label, spend your money wisely. Players must come up with a name before starting. Players must have 1 album release from any of their artist and 1 group compete in the tournament Track listings as well as album covers must be made for album releases. Players MUST use original song titles in tracklist and original album titles. You don't have to be a expert in Photoshop to make dope covers, just let your creativity shine. Labels will be evaluated on the following criteria: future sales, future critical acclaim, longevity, album covers/tracklist, and cohesion.
New Additions:

Players can now give ONE artist on their roster a label. Only tier 1 & 2 artist can have their own label. Once you give a artist a label, you will have to come up with a original name for the label. You will now be doing business from the artist point of view. Artist can be signed to your main label or artist label. Players will get 100 points and 25M if they give a tier 1 or 2 artist on their roster a label.

Power Rankings: Labels will be ranked every week. The higher a label ranked, the better the reward will be. The amount of points you have will determine where you get ranked.

PM Mystery Bidding: During Pm bidding, labels will not know how much/what is being offered and the best offer will win.

Times will be set for auctions so the players don't miss out. I'll post a artist, and for the next five minutes or so...players post their bids.

2 round draft: (Points will determine order in draft)

Round 2 (low to high). Players can use their remaining money to pick up artist for 10 mill each.

Artists will be categorized into 4 tiers based on their status in the music industry.
For example:
Jay Z, Drake, Nas, = Tier 1 (Tier 1 artist usually go for 150 M)
J. Cole, Wale, A$AP Rocky = Tier 2 (Tier 2 artist usually go for 70 M)
Chance the Rapper, ASAP Ferg, = Tier 3
Cyhi the Prince, Mike G = Tier 4
*Tiers will NOT be auctioned in order

There will be a best of 3 community vote as well, winner of that vote will get 1 vote as a head start. Posters must give a brief explanation on why they chose a individual's label. Tournament matches will be best of 5, Judges must give reasons why they chose a individual's label.


Roster spot cap: 15 spots max. (Label owners can only sign 15 artist)

Bids must be at least $1 million higher than the previous bid. No retracting bids. If you don't participate for an extended period, your label will be auctioned off. During bidding, you can get a refund for an artist you want for 50% money back. You may do this 3 times. No overbidding, for ex. No bidding 100 Mill on a artist straight from the jump.
Trades and money offers are allowed via PM. Host must be included.

Trolling or attempts to derail thread will get you kicked out the game.

Points system:
Points will help set up seeds for who will go against who once the auction is over. Points will also help you buy features from other labels. Spend your points wisely.

Players will get:
100 points for picking up a tier 1 artist.
75 points for picking up a tier 2 artist.
50 points for picking up a producer.
25 points for picking up a tier 3 artist.
10 points for picking up a tier 4 artist

If you want to buy a feature or a beat (production credit) from another label's artist/producer
Feature from a tier 1 artist - 50 points per feature
Feature from a tier 2 artist - 35 points per feature
Feature from a tier 3 artist - 10 points per feature
Feature from a tier 4 artist - 5 points per feature

Beat from a producer on another label - 25 points per beats

Mystery Artist: Every now an then, I will post up a question mark instead of a picture of artist. Players will have to decide if they want to place bids.


Have fun.

Power Rankings:
1. @_Menace_ - Goodfellas.ENT 500 Points
2. @ Da Riddler - Motion Picture Muzik 380 Points
3. @Noodles McGrowcious - Franchise Records 300 points
4. @Allergens - Foolish Records 300 Points
5. @tonydubbz - SkyLine Records 275 Points
6. @Sion - Sion Records 185 Points
7. @Icebergtaylor - Renaissance Rap Entertainment 170 Points
8. @MorganFreemanKing - GameFace Winnertainment 125 Points
9. @supersoaker - N.R.A. (National Rap Association) 20 points
10. @IBex - Freak Ho's & Flows 0 points
11. @yung$ - Black Roses Ent. 0 points


1. @Sion
Sion Records - 120M 360 Points
Eminem - 110M
RZA - 16M
The Weeknd - 12M
Noah 40 - 25M
Janelle Monae - 12M
Boi-1da -21M

2. @_Menace_
Goodfellas.ENT - 119M (500 Points)
Kendrick Lamar - 115 M
T.I. - 48M
Snoop Lion - 5M
Swizz Beatz - 15M
Ludacris - 2M
AbSoul - 15M
Ashanti - 1M

3.@ Da Riddler
Motion Picture Muzik - 17M (2 refunds left, 555 Points)
Lil Wayne - 101M
Beyonce - 80M
Rick Ross - 40M
A$AP Rocky - 23M
Miguel - 26M
ASAP Ferg - 1M
Teyana Taylor - 1M
Joe Budden - 11M

4. @supersoaker
N.R.A. (National Rap Association) - 164M (80 points)
Dr. Dre - 125M
Isaiah Rashad - 1 M
Blu - 9M

5. @IBex
Freak Ho's & Flows - 300M

6. @Icebergtaylor
Renaissance Rap Entertainment - 184 M (170 Points)
J. Cole - 69M
DJ Toomp - 5M
Jhene Aiko - 16M
Pusha T - 22M
Lloyd Banks - 7M

7. @Noodles McGrowcious
Franchise Records - 164M (300 points)
P. Diddy - 50 M
Schoolboy Q - 10M
Mike Will Made It - 50M
Erykah Badu - 20M
Meek Mill - 21M

8. @tonydubbz
SkyLine Records - 10M (420 Points)
Kanye West - 199M
The Game - 20M
Usher - 13M
Lady Gaga - 10M
Jay Electronica - 26M
Big K.R.I.T - 40M
Travi$ Scott - 2M

9. @Allergens
Foolish Records - 95M (300 Points)
Andre 3000 - 85M
Rihanna - 50M
Nicki Minaj - 80M
Big Sean - 5M

10. @MorganFreemanKing
GameFace Winnertainment - 201M (125 Points)

Nas - 99M
Ciara - 5M

11. @yung$
Black Roses Ent. - 85M (250 Points)
50 Cent - 190M
Big Boi - 55M
Chance The Rapper - 45M
Mac Miller - 5M
SuperSoakerSionMorganFreemanKingNoodles McGrowcious


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