Future collectible cars (rare investment cars)

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So we all know cars depreciate in value over the years.

But there are rare cars that stand the test of time if maintained well and kept pristine over the years, they end up selling for ton of money for future collectors. Lots of old sports cars like mustang, stingray, Ashton martins that does this.

I recently read that 2014 corvette stingray has been listed as one of the future collectible classic. I drive a 2012 honda civic at the moment but been looking for a status symbol/ toy car to ride and enjoy from time to time, would this car be a good purchase?

If this is a possibility, I'll most likely keep the honda as my daily ride to work and groceries and shopping and whatnot, and whip out stingray for special events with peeps and getaways with my girl. Always a fan of audi and Mercedes but this is making me think twice now, if they all guzzle gas, why not something that might pay off in the future.


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