A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay-Z (trailer)

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On the surface, A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z chronicles how hip-hop’s most successful rapper of the past two decades reached the top; but at its core, the film attempts to divulge the savvy and cunning business acumen of a mogul who decided that being at the top of the charts wasn’t enough. This 60-minute unauthorized biography explores the mind of a man who never played by the rules and admits it.

A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z uncovers the price Mr. Carter paid for his success through recent controversies including the racial debate of the Barneys deal, feud with Harry Belafonte and clashes with community activists over the construction of the Barclay Center. The film also explores rumors of association with the Illuminati, a highly publicized separation from the Roc-A-Fella crew, his estranged relationship with rapping mentor Jaz-O and break up with business partner Damon Dash.

Through in-depth interviews with friends, former business partners, music industry executives, authors and journalists, this exploratory biopic gives the novice, the fan, the critic and the non-believer an uncensored look at Jay Z’s journey from Marcy Projects to Madison Avenue and beyond. As a drug dealer, turned rapper, turned CEO, turned author, turned sports agent, viewers will discover what drove Jay Z to seek unlimited wealth, how he positioned himself to achieve this wealth and whether criticism is warranted for someone who successfully pursued the American dream.

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    I will give it a watch if I am bored someday, heard it all before tho same old jay-z arse kissing.
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    Kim O could get the d
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    same ol song but
    i think its interesting they got homie from dead prez to speak against jay...

    remember this collab...

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    I will give it a watch if I am bored someday, heard it all before tho same old jay-z arse kissing.

    didn't watch the trailer, did you?

    Nope, so this is a jay hate documentary? anybody got a link?

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    Kim O could get the d

    That hoe is fine as fuck.. I wish..
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    Shit is on NetFlix
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    I might check it...
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    I dont see it on Netflix though
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    This is quite a twist lol!

    I'm tired of the Jay Z story btw. Man we need new rap stars fo real.
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    Hmmm..this unauthorized bio is pretty much everything we've discussed on the IC. The 2 questions are: who green lighted this "unauthorized biography"? And why is Jay trying so hard to prevent this from coming out?

    But it shouldn't be nothing to Jay though considering he's very successful and the knew the burdens he catching behind
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    Very Insightful post ME1971
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    a lot of that is horse shit...
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    a lot of that is horse shit...

    How the fuck do you know??
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    Me1971 wrote: »
    I watched it, it's pretty good tbh. It has interviews from various people that know him, including his enemies. Here's some key points:

    Jay is essentially the same person that he was now way back as a teen in Marcy, and was always extremely cocky and self assured as if he had already had 12 number one albums.

    He's more calculated than I had originally thought. There's usually a reason for everything he say's and does.

    His father used to take him to the gambling spots with him as a child and taught him a lot of lessons that made him the calculated person he is today.

    They said his hustle in 2014 is the same as it was in 1982, the only difference is, the hustle he's in now is legal. But they say that his approach and style has remained the same.

    Jay was always an opportunist. On a business level, he tends to hang around people who are better than him at a certain skill, absorbs that knowledge from them, learns to do it better, and ditches them. He doesn't ditch everyone but the people that he did ditch were for reasons that he felt were beneficial to him in the long run since he's a "chess player".

    Jay's personal relationships tend to play out better than his business relationships.

    Jaz-O and Jay linked up in 1984 when Jay's rap name was originally Shawnee-D.

    He battled LL Cool J seven times and won each one. This was years before his first album came out. He used to drive around NY looking for LL and whenever they ran into him, they would battle him since LL was known as "the best battle rapper" during that era. Jay would eat LL, but LL would always bring up the fact that Jay wasn't signed and didn't have a deal on a "street ball/NBA" type of comparison.

    Def Jam didn't want to sign Jay because he didn't fit into the roster. Years later, he became the president and was cutting checks for LL.

    Jaz-O describes him as a lyrical genius.

    Jaz-O was reluctant to sign the Roc-A-Fella contract due to his past experiences being in the music biz and felt that particular contract would also lead to him getting screwed once again.

    Jay was known as the best rapper in his hood as a teen.

    Jay was introduced to Foxy by his producer Clark Kent who's her cousin.

    Jay was introduced to Dame by Clark Kent also. Dame and Jay instantly took well to each other because they both had the same hustler spirit, but Jay is more of an observer, Dame is more aggressive.

    Damn is equally as much of a snake, if not more than Jay, he's just more charismatic about it.

    Dame started wanting to the star, and their business relationship started going sour when Dame stopped playing his position. He even once tried to steal Jay's shine when Jay was giving a check to Afeni Shakur at a public event back in the early 2000's.

    Jay and Biggs both used drug money to start up Roc-A-Fella, but what Dame brought to the table was his relentless energy and negotiation skills.

    What they did business wise with Roc-A-Fella is more remarkable than I had originally thought.

    Jay was really a successful drug dealer. He even had his own Benz, jewelery, and apartment as a teenager.

    He had Andy Warhol paintings on his wall as a teen, so I guess he's always been somewhat of an art fan.

    They say that Jay was one of the first dudes in the hood to own platinum jewelery when people used to assume it was silver. This was years before his first album came out.

    He never intended for Reasonable Doubt to be his one and only album, it was just a marketing scheme that he created in hopes of getting people emotionally attached the album. He comes up with the marketing schemes for almost everything he's involved in.

    Samsung was in the hole until they did the MCHG deal with Jay. He helped save the company.

    A lot of companies use Jay and vice versa

    He doesn't have an infatuation with white people as lots of people think, he just goes where the money is at, and white people happen to have the most. Green is the color that matters most.

    Jaz believes that Jay got in bed with the global elite to get where he's at.

    He screwed over a lot of people in Brooklyn with the Barklays Center deal.

    Whelp no need to watch it now seems like this pretty much sums it all up
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    I always wondered about the situation between him and LL
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    i'm trying to find a stream of this. the jay-z hate is real lol.
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