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Young Thug To Name Debut Album 'The Carter IV'

RickyRichRickyRich Posts: 12,766 ✭✭✭✭✭
In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid's Shade 45 Young Thug announced the title to his debut album.

The "Danny Glover" rapper announced his debut album will be named The Carter VI. The rapper explains that Lil Wayne is the reason behind the name.

"It's called The Carter IV," he said. "I just feel like I'm that ni**a because after 'The Carter V' he's [Wayne] not making anymore music like that and I feel I can.'

Lil Wayne has been a big influence on the rapper. Thug says the rapper inspires him lyrically and in his outrageous fashion statements.
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  • 700700 Praying 5 times a day to catch a plug Plap City, FLAPosts: 14,459 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I heard that 'Stoner' track...

    the fuck he say that entire song?

    Who the fuck knows

    I don't even know if he's saying stoner on the hook
    KingJamal wrote: »
    @b00kie do u have any Boosie stories u can tell?

    b00kie wrote: »
    KingJamal wrote: »
    @b00kie do u have any Boosie stories u can tell?
    haha He cool man, I wasn't in the streets but

    He was always lil, like 5'3. But a big mouth, couple times nigga had to square up. At the football game he took that stick the drum major had and cracked a nigga over the head w it and broke the stick

    Nigga was cold on the bball court though, I didn't get that starting spot until he stopped coming to school. School let out at 3 we had to stay till the games at 6 so he used to just rap about whatever people talkin about passng time.

    Then he started hanging w C-Loc and them, rappin/hustling whatever, rarely came to school anymore. When he did he would just be Polo down.... come, counting stacks $ at recess, everybody lookin.

    OH and biology class blunt fell out his ear and the teacher tried to grab it. He twist that lady arm grabbed the blunt off the floor n left. lol
    Far from a groupie...but a Boosie story

    Nga was in the club and I was out and about in another state..I was doing business there and decide to step out...and heard dude was going to be at the club on the radio...Now I don't know dude like that..but again my patnas know dude...I goes to the club..dude has his own section in the club..him and his crew and a few women...I walk up to the area and he comes over and he like you be in B.R. and you be wit such and such and I was like yea..he like mayne what you doing out here..I told him.. he was like..mayne you family come on in V.I.P. and get what you want..you want this..you want that..i was like nah..nga handed me a bottle and told me just to take it...again I don't know dude like that to be gettin a bottle..but the love he showed..I see why ngas love this nga down here so much...so I was leaving the club after he performed..nga was like you good you need bread..you need money on a room..and I was like shocked the nga even reached out like that..and I was like nah.. Nga didn't care who you were..if he fucks wit you..he fucks wit you..that's why alot cats fuck wit the lil nga...

  • Built 4 cuban linxBuilt 4 cuban linx Only Christopher I acknowledge is Wallace At the 36th chamberPosts: 12,177 ✭✭✭✭✭
    About as original with the album title as he is with his rap name
  • loch121loch121 Posts: 12,792 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Fuck outta here w/ that bullshit
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  • DNB1DNB1 Still nigga... Posts: 19,635 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Only thing I know about this nigga is he scared of Maliah.

    Even Drake wasn't scared of that pussy....smh
    Ghostdenithegawdsouth4lifeHyenaKillairon man1
  • High RevolutionaryHigh Revolutionary Posts: 3,729 ✭✭✭✭✭
    So is Young Thug what's hot in the streets (nh). Or does he just have the machine behind him? Serious question.

  • Billy_PonchoBilly_Poncho Vox Populi Posts: 22,382 ✭✭✭✭✭
    So is Young Thug what's hot in the streets (nh). Or does he just have the machine behind him? Serious question.

    He always had a lil buzz in Atlanta, he was just next in line behind Future and Rich Homie in that melodic-rap lane
  • KingFreemanKingFreeman Way UpPosts: 13,598 ✭✭✭✭✭
  • KingFreemanKingFreeman Way UpPosts: 13,598 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Loch u should be angry as shit
    U too garbage and yet not garbage enough at the same time

    So disrespectful. Lol.

  • freethewavefreethewave Posts: 3,133 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Why would he step on another rappera gimmick.wot a cunt
  • HardCandyLunchHardCandyLunch Posts: 46 ✭✭
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