Why Are Whites So Infatuated With Pan-Africanism Groups Such as Public Enemy, Dead Prez, Pac etc?

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Not only do they listen to them but worship them. None of these people mentioned liked white people or spoke positive about them.

I want some answers from white people? what kind of message do you get out of their music?


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    Lol those white people judge artists off of there music and not nessicerly the message

    If its dope its dope not its dope but i done agree with the message so i wont listen

    Also white people get black oppression and how fucked up it was
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    You picked the absolute perfect place to ask this....and im not being sarcastic, AT ALL lol
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    I'm white and I don't mess with public enemy, I like afew dead prez songs and I like some of pac's stuff too, worship them? nah.
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    Dope music drop quick..
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    But nah that ain't the same as mafia

    It's like listening to a rapping version of schillinger

    And FYI I don't fuck with Italians At all!
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    jono wrote: »
    Believe it or not they relate to the message. Most of those groups argue against all forms of inequality whether racism or classism but they relate because it's commentary on the society they live in or they bring some historical context they might not have gotten otherwise.

    White kids from the burbs relate to the black struggle, inequality and not being accepted by society?

    Most of the white kids you're talkin about aren't from the burbs. They're hippies from urban areas and like he said don't agree with most of white america on social issues. Theres no other explanation.
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    I'm black so I can't speak for them but it seems like they love that rebellious music in general. Public enemy, NWA, Eminem, Tupac, hopsin,etc. Those seem to be their favorites, well the ones I've talked too
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    Prolly for the same reason they love The Wire.
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    I noticed that white people love Public Enemy and Ice Cube but for some reason they won't listen to The Last Poets even though the message is the same.
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    I'd lump Cube in that group before Pac.

    Pac made music for everyone. He was that versatile.
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    white715 wrote: »
    There has been white folks down for the cause since John Brown, in the fight for civil rights there were white people who marched, were arrested and even killed right along side black people.

    All white people are not our enemy and all black people are not allies.

    I like this guy... But you must not be from the south. New whites are mostly brainwashed by the old social norms from their grandpa's. You can tell when a white person generally not from the south. They vibe with blacks and give off a different energy. There is a few cool whites in the south ...a few.
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