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Is Max B ONE The Best Rapper's Of The Mid 2000's? (I Never Got His Style)

GorillaWitAttitudeGorillaWitAttitude Posts: 3,566
edited July 2014 in The Reason
I'm gonna be honest I really didn't care for Max's music. However. he had a cool style though. Also, he was funny in interviews What made him so unique? Also, do you think he will get out in two years on parole or what not? If he does do you think people will see him as THIS era's Tupac? I also dislike when people compare him to Pac. Beccause I did a lot of research on Pac and he was a cultural icon. Max B was just a niche Rapper. I think if he gets out he can do alright, but his time has probably passed. Basically, dude had his chance and he blew it. It's cool he did all those hooks to his songs himself. I'lll give fam that.

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"The Ideal American"

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