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I went to the club yesterday

deathrowzorrowdeathrowzorrow Posts: 12,456 ✭✭✭✭✭
I went to the club with my nigga yesterday we both was high on drugs and achohol i was on dance mode i did the classic nasir jones dance many girls was lookin at me, all eyez on me wow. I start to dance with a white girl kinda pretty to be white, my friend was behind whisperin in my ear all the time "i want her" "nigga u owe me 20$ shit was kinda annoyin cuz at the same time she givin me lapdance. I told him get her friend instead but nah this nigga kept sayin no and kept WHISPERIN "NIGGA PLEASE i want her" .. So I was mad as fuck could not take i went outside and start smokin and i could see from the window how my nigga was dancin with this white girl but he was the one givin her the lapdance.. her friend came outside and start smoke with me, this white girl had a boyfriend (the security guard) so the security guard went up to me talkin big like he was a straight G, "don't talk with my girl" .. I told him cracka pleaze i was not there to fight so i went back in the club and the girl who i dance with from the start jump on me, start hugin me, everything.. & my friend walks up to me "nigga what u doin"? she wants me? .. fuckboy.. we start arguin and yellin people heard bout it and the white people surround us and YELL FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT..This bitch nigga took of his shirt nigga been my homie since day1 but nah but we was high on cocaine marjiuana everything vodka. he start punch me as i dodge the punches i didnt want to punch back but soon as he hit me on the face i also took of my shirt and start punchin but it end me gettin knocked since the nigga rolemodel mike tyson, FUCKing bitch nigga. I woke up like 2minutes later the people laid me on the sofa & when i woke up the first thing i saw waz the pretty white girl big ass from a distance so i start doin my nasir jones dance & walks up to her. I took her hand start dancin & laughin but nah she said "GET OF ME I*VE GOT A BOYFRIEND"? nigga what? i was hurt as fuck, was bout to cry , i told her wtchu u talkin bout?? u givin me lapdances it must been something? i got knocked out cuz of you she didn't care she just walk to the toilet but i followed her & jump in the toilet with her when she waz gonna close the door .. i start punchin her in the toilet and i took all her money & keys, id, keys .. I know i had escape soon as i could, so i went out from the toilet and ran home, i saw my friend layin on the floor knocked out by the security guard since he tried to get the other girl who waz in relationship with the guard.

I run fast ass i can and i see the guards runnin after me but they never caught me
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